A Quick Trip To Europa

NASA is considering a 7-day mission to the Jovian moon Europa, which would commence in 2020 and allow us to explore its icy surface and the potentially life-bearing ocean underneath. Scientists have designed a mission that would involve sending two landers directly to Jupiter’s moon. They would be outfitted in such a way as to …

Light Particles Captured On Camera

Scientists have developed a “new imaging solution” that operates at a rate of one trillion frames per second, effectively allowing them to capture the propagation of light particles. What you see in the video is a short “burst of laser light” beaming through a [Coke] bottle.

Chainsaw Robot Attacks Crowd At Exhibition

So I’m reading an article on Mashable about a new robot that can, what else, make sandwiches. It’s very interesting; you should check it out. However, after watching the video accompanying that article, I stumbled upon something even more curious.