This Crab Logic Gate Will Solve All Your Crab Logic Gate Needs

April 16, 2012 Science Leave a comment

It’s amazing what kind of weird stuff people think up when they’re bored. And by people, I mean scientists. Over at Kobe University in Japan, for example, a team of computer scientists have constructed a working computer inspired by “the swarming behavior of soldier crabs.” They built a “geometrically constrained ...

A Strange Light Is “Harassing” Residents Of Champaign, IL

April 14, 2012 UFOs

An unexplainable white light is terrorizing a small neighborhood in Champaign, Illinois. The light appears as a silent glowing object, occasionally spotted hovering “a few dozen feet over the neighborhood” of Garden Hills. Some even claim it follows them. At least one resident describes the light as “intimidating.” “She literally started crying…” ...

Strange Patents: An “Interstellar Space Craft”

April 11, 2012 Inventions & Tech

So here’s a patent application for a “tubular shaped interstellar space craft,” filed on November 14, 2008. It’s an ambitious patent, outlining a “plasma based aircraft” that can “approach the speed of light,” and it’s packed full of gadgets: “The craft has a proton accelerator, plasma guns, diversion devices…This invention is ...

Astronauts Encounter Unidentified “Orbs” During Final Shuttle Mission

April 11, 2012 UFOs

“Okay, we’re seeing three or four objects…” During their final mission aboard space shuttle Atlantis, astronauts were perplexed by what appeared to be multiple floating orbs outside their window. A video highlighting this strange occurrence surfaced on Youtube earlier this week, and it’s certainly curious. Of course, these “orbs” could ...

Google’s Project Glass: A Glimpse Into The Future?

April 9, 2012 Inventions & Tech

Last week, Google revealed their latest groundbreaking tech endeavor, Project Glass. It’s a compelling, optimistic view of the future, in which smartphones are discarded in favor of sleek “augmented reality” glasses. It’s Google’s future, a world where the divide between reality and online interactivity is practically erased.