Here’s a list of the features you’ll find here at Strange Dimensions. These include post series, special tags, and other articles of note.

Featured Posts (More to come!)

Proof of Time Travel: A Temporal Tour – A collection of time travel claims and photographs, as well as a handful of scientific theories that may point to the possibility of time travel.

Post Series

Ends of the World – Contemplating the destruction of humanity, the Earth, and the Universe, this is where I explore all the potential ends of the world. Like Nuclear War or Green Goo.

After Dark – Weird things, usually videos. Typically something that is just out there. Like the idea that aliens can control your brain through sound waves.

Around the World in 80 Posts – 80 posts where I venture to far-off and intriguing places around the world, like the Callanish Stones or the Terraced Pools of Pamukkale. Also includes a bit of folklore and mythology.

Google Maps Anomalies – Odd things spotted on Google Earth and Google Maps. Like this Disco Plane, or those weird patterns in the Gobi Desert.

Tags of Note

John Titor – Posts about the time traveler from 2036. Check out the latest: John Titor: The Man With The Machine, for an in-depth look at Titor’s Gravity Distortion Unit.

Time Travel – General articles about time travel, “proof” of time travel, and the science that might make it possible.

Robot Apocalypse – The coming automata doomsday, and the robots that will eventually become our overlords.

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