UFO Sightings 2019: Strange Lights And Haunted Skies

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UFO Sightings 2019: Strange Lights And Haunted Skies

UFO sightings dropped again in 2018. According to NUFORC data, 2018 saw 3,253 total reports, down from 4,655 reports in 2017. How many will we see in 2019?

Below, you’ll find a number of choice UFO sightings, videos, and other oddities updated throughout the year. You can also check out the UFO category for more general posts on mysterious objects in the sky.

UFO falls from sky, eats lake

In January, WSMV News Channel 4 out of Nashville, Tennessee brought us the story of an old pond that suddenly lost its water.

The pond is at least 100 years old, located just south of Nashville in the backyard of a woman named Patsy Wright. As she recounted, an object appeared to fall from the sky, landing in the pond. The water then drained, revealing a mysterious hole at the bottom (WSMV provides a flyover image of the empty pond and its hole).

While some believe it’s a sinkhole, Wright is convinced of what she saw: “I know something hit it,” she said, “because I heard it.” The hole is also particularly deep. It’s unknown at this point if the hole has been investigated.

Weird green lights over England

Flashing green lights puzzled residents of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in England on January 5, 2019. The incident occurred some time between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., according to the Nottingham Post.

Social media posts described “bright lights” and, in one case, “three flashes of green light.” Some said the lights were “neon green,” perhaps with a bit of white, while others reported blue coloring.

The lights also appeared to move much farther than drones are typically known for.

Mysterious plane troubles residents of Kingston, Canada

In January, Residents of Kingston, Ontario began reporting a mysterious sound that occurred for several weeks, usually at night. It sounded like a low-flying plane, and yet, every time they’d look outside, no plane could be seen.

The story began circulating of a “phantom plane,” and at some points it could be heard flying overhead for hours, late into the night.

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According to CBC, both the local Kingston airport and Canadian Forces said they were unaware of any planes flying in the area at those times. However, an eventual update claimed the noise was caused by a “Pilatus PC-12 RCMP surveillance plane” that had been used during a “national security investigation.”

Vertical orange light above Canada

On December 30, 2018, YouTube user Spazz zz uploaded a curious video out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It shows a vertical orange light shining through low clouds in the sky. “I have no idea what it is any ideas?” the uploader asked.

In the video, one of the speakers raises the possibility that the light is a result of HAARP.

Most viewers, however, have concluded the light is nothing more than a natural phenomenon known as a light pillar. You can view an image from January 2016 of a number of light pillars in Stockhom, Sweden here.

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