UFO Sightings 2019: Strange Lights And Haunted Skies

Are UFO sightings on the rise? According to NUFORC data, 2018 saw 3,253 total reports, down from 4,655 reports in 2017. However, as of December 7, 2019, 5,242 reports have been submitted to their database, with an uptick in sightings beginning in September.

Below, you’ll find a number of UFO sightings, videos, and other oddities updated throughout the year. You can also check out the UFO category for more general posts on mysterious objects in the sky.

Physicist Shares Details of His E.T. Experience On Twitter

Image: Kévin Langlais/Unsplash

Physicist Deep Prasad recently shared details on his Twitter account regarding his own alleged encounter with extraterrestrials.

As he recounted, the event happened on February 1, 2019. “It happened in broad daylight at 9:40 in the morning in my home,” he wrote on Twitter, “I was paralyzed against my will, could not move, and saw 3 entities that had no-chill.”

Perhaps similar to the alleged encounter with the Rendlesham Forest UFO, Prasad went on to claim that the aliens attempted to communicate with him telepathically, showing him “glyphs” and text he couldn’t comprehend.

“I was trying to make sense of the symbols. It was incredibly frustrating that I couldn’t understand or translate them. The sentences and paragraphs would keep flipping rapidly and the only English word I saw, at least 3 times, was the word, ‘DNA’.”

Outside of his personal experience, Prasad is no stranger to the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials. He appeared on Coast to Coast AM just last October to speak about the so-called “2004 Tic-Tac Event,” which he also wrote about over at Medium. That particular incident involved an unidentified object similar in shape to a Tic Tac breath mint, spotted by the U.S. Navy.

Prasad suggested that, to move as quickly and strangely as it reportedly did, the UFO may have been “using more spatial dimensions than the 3 we’re used to.”

Unexplained ‘Fireball’ Appears Over South Carolina

A short video uploaded on October 28, 2019 shows a strange fireball in the skies over South Carolina. YouTuber Kymberleigh Jordan wrote that she saw the object while driving. “You can’t even tell it is moving in this video,” she wrote, “But it was moving downward very slowly.” She also claimed to see an “eye” in the object. In the video, a plane can be seen passing near it.

Some speculate that the object is a meteor, or perhaps another, larger aircraft (or even multiple aircrafts).

UFO Sighting On U.S. Route 74

At about 8:00 a.m. on October 25, 2019, a man stuck in traffic on U.S. Route 74 witnessed an anomalous object in the skies above Cleveland County, North Carolina.

“I’m a train you-tuber who doesn’t know a thing about this. The video was taken by one of my dads friends on the way to work on highway 74 in Cleveland County NC.”

The witness managed to capture footage of his strange UFO sighting, showing the alleged craft as a distant glowing object that appeared to spin (the video highlights the spinning object, asking “Possible reflection off of the window?”).

The object may, indeed, be a drone. The Charlotte Observer highlighted the sighting on November 8, describing it as a “disc-like object” that “remained stationary” in the air before disappearing, according to a witness, who also described it as “diamond shaped.”

UFO ‘Fleet’ Sighted Off North Carolina

On September 28, 2019, YouTuber William Guy uploaded a video showing what many described as a “fleet” of UFOs over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. At least 14 bright glowing unidentified objects could be seen over the water, leaving the witnesses bewildered. “What is that?” Guy can be heard asking, “We’re in the middle of the ocean on a ferry, nothing around…”

One possible explanation for the lights are drop flares, or perhaps some other type of flare used in military exercises, dropped by a passing plane. A military base exists about 125 miles west of the Outer Banks, according to Fox News. However, the witnesses in the video said nothing of an aircraft (“nothing around”), and apparently a spokesman from the base has claied that none of their aircraft were in the area that day.

The video itself has been viewed over 1.5 million times since it was uploaded.


UFO witness calls the police in Wyoming

A woman in Powell, Wyoming reported a possible UFO sighting to police on August 7, 2019. According to the Powell Tribune, the incident occurred at 11:23 p.m., when the unidentified woman phoned the Park County Sheriff’s Office to report two mysterious crafts — one a darker color, the other light — hovering in the sky just south of town.

When a sheriff’s deputy arrived, along with a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper, there were no crafts or lights in the area. However, the woman described her strange encounter, telling them that she’d witnessed multiple “blue and white lights.” One of the alleged crafts appeared to land in a distant corn field. The other craft continued flying over the road.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said they don’t believe the woman was “impaired” at the time. As to what she saw that night, the sighted crafts, they say, may have simply been drones.

“Shapeshifting” UFO filmed over Cambridge, England

In July, footage surfaced of an alleged “shape shifting UFO” flying over Cambridge. The footage was captured on July 21, and uploaded by the YouTube channel Aviation Videos & Wildlife FULL HD.

What separates this purported UFO video from others is that, unlike much of the footage we tend to see, this channel doesn’t typically upload videos of UFOs or other paranormal topics. Mostly, as their name implies, the channel features planes and birds and other wildlife.

In the video, a bright object can be seen in the sky. It appears spherical, or at least bright enough to obscure any detailed features. Scott Warring of UFO Sightings Daily describes the UFO as having a “fuzzy outer area” which may be related to an “alien propulsion system” of some kind. The story and video was also featured by the Daily Express.

UFO falls from sky, eats lake

In January, WSMV News Channel 4 out of Nashville, Tennessee brought us the story of an old pond that suddenly lost its water.

The pond is at least 100 years old, located just south of Nashville in the backyard of a woman named Patsy Wright. As she recounted, an object appeared to fall from the sky, landing in the pond. The water then drained, revealing a mysterious hole at the bottom (WSMV provides a flyover image of the empty pond and its hole).

While some believe it’s a sinkhole, Wright is convinced of what she saw: “I know something hit it,” she said, “because I heard it.” The hole is also particularly deep. It’s unknown at this point if the hole has been investigated.

Weird green lights over England

Flashing green lights puzzled residents of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in England on January 5, 2019. The incident occurred some time between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., according to the Nottingham Post.

Social media posts described “bright lights” and, in one case, “three flashes of green light.” Some said the lights were “neon green,” perhaps with a bit of white, while others reported blue coloring.

The lights also appeared to move much farther than drones are typically known for.

Mysterious plane troubles residents of Kingston, Canada

In January, Residents of Kingston, Ontario began reporting a mysterious sound that occurred for several weeks, usually at night. It sounded like a low-flying plane, and yet, every time they’d look outside, no plane could be seen.

The story began circulating of a “phantom plane,” and at some points it could be heard flying overhead for hours, late into the night.

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According to CBC, both the local Kingston airport and Canadian Forces said they were unaware of any planes flying in the area at those times. However, an eventual update claimed the noise was caused by a “Pilatus PC-12 RCMP surveillance plane” that had been used during a “national security investigation.”

Vertical orange light above Canada

Image: YouTube

On December 30, 2018, YouTube user Spazz zz uploaded a curious video out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It shows a vertical orange light shining through low clouds in the sky. “I have no idea what it is any ideas?” the uploader asked.

In the video, one of the speakers raises the possibility that the light is a result of HAARP. A commenter, meanwhile, suggested the event happened on “the same day [she] heard those weird sounds coming from the sky.”

Most viewers, however, have concluded the light is nothing more than a natural phenomenon known as a light pillar. You can view an image from January 2016 of a number of light pillars in Stockhom, Sweden here.

UFO & Alien-Related News

  • Number of sightings reported to NUFORC as of December 7, 2019: 5,244

December 7, 2019 – Looking at NUFORC, this year saw a drastic increase in the number of submitted UFO sighting reports beginning in September. October alone accounted for 699 total sightings, the highest of any month since November 2015 (906).

September 6 – A new Gallup poll suggests that 68% of Americans believe the government knows more about UFOs than they’re letting on. Meanwhile, at least one-third believe UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature.

August 27 – On August 27, 2019, over 300 people gathered at the Marshall County Historical Society’s commemoration to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of an historical local UFO sighting. The sighting occurred on the same date in 1979, when Deputy Val Johnson witnessed a mysterious bright light in the sky. The Grand Forks Herald recalls the story.

August 16 – The meditation center belonging to a UFO group in Thailand was raided on August 15 and 16 by police due to “suspected forest encroachment.” The group, known as UFO Kao Kala, has been gathering at the area for years. However, according to recent reports, local officials fear the gatherings may negatively impact nearby “forest space.”

The group was founded in the late 1990s, after its founder, Somjit Reapeth, sighted a UFO and aliens at Khao Kala Mountain. He claimed to be able to communicate with them, and promised to train others to do the same.

August 8 – Heading into an election year, Bernie Sanders has apparently pledged to “disclose any government information about unidentified flying objects” if elected to office, according to Sanders made the comment during an interview with Joe Rogan on August 8, saying that his wife “would demand I let you know.”

July – Stranger things are afoot at Area 51, as a large number of individuals on Facebook have pledged to meet up outside the top-secret base in September. The original plan was to “storm” it, though the creator of the event has since changed gears (it was originally meant to be a joke, he says). He instead wants to hold an alien-themed music festival out in the high desert.


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