Ghost Sightings 2018 – This Year’s Tales Of Phantoms And Spectres

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Ghost Sightings 2018

Are you troubled by strange noises in the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you, or any of your family, ever seen a spook, spectre, or ghost?

Because these folks have! Let’s take a look at some of the ghost stories that popped up in 2018 (in no particular order).

Reflections on a Ghost Ship

On August 2, KZTV Action 10 News shared the story of Will Smith (not that one), a man from Louisiana who captured a potentially mysterious photograph while touring the reportedly haunted USS Lexington, docked in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The photo seems to feature the shadow of a man, which should be easily explained (the KZTV reporter even demonstrates how easily a shadow is cast on that particular wall).

However, Smith is convinced the figure is neither reflection nor shadow, of either himself or anyone else. As he said, he doesn’t believe the shadow is his, and “there was no one else around.”

What’s more, while reporting on this story, the news team may have captured an unrelated paranormal incident. A visitor from San Antonio stopped in his tracks when he felt something very unusual. “I felt very nervous all of a sudden,” he told them, “and I felt like someone grabbed my heart and lungs and I couldn’t breathe.”

Haunted Police Station Can’t Handle All the Ghosts

Image: Tertia van Rensburg/Unsplash

According to Gulf News India, a police station in Jharkhand state is plagued by “wandering spirits,” to the point that officers refuse to stick around during evening hours. By 11 p.m., they report, the station is deserted.

The police officers have tried a variety of methods to dispel the ghosts, from “organizing prayers” to even “making offerings,” whatever that may entail. They say strange noises begin to occur within the station after nightfall, becoming even stronger at midnight (maybe the “fear frequency” has something to do with that). They’ve also experienced telephone lines going out.

The station is reportedly built atop what was once a “cremation ground,” which could provide a paranormal explanation for their current predicament. “Nothing appears fine here,” sub-inspector S Baske said of the situation, “We feel terrified all the time due to sudden fear.”

Was ‘The Nun’ Production Haunted?

Image: The Nun (2018)

The Nun, which arrived in theaters on September 6, is the fifth movie in the so-called The Conjuring Universe. The film’s apparently a prequel, set in Romania, and dives deep into the origins of the demon Valak. And yet, it might be what happened behind the scenes that gets the most attention.

According to The Mirror, not only was the entire production “blessed by an Eastern Orthodox priest” (after reports by cast and crew of “supernatural disturbances”), but director Corin Hardy had his own ghostly paranormal experience at a “Romanic fortress” in Mogosoaia. He allegedly saw the ghosts of two Romanian soldiers, who he at first mistook for crew members. But when he turned around, no one was there.

A Shadow in the Window

Image: Google Maps

On June 2, 2018, a 61-year-old grandmother witnessed a “tall, slim” shadow figure walking inside an empty Victorian-age building in Swadlincote, a town in Derbyshire, England.

She’d been standing outside at the Pipe Works when her eyes caught the abandoned building, only to see a ghostly shadow glide by one of its top-floor windows. Thinking it was perhaps a security guard or someone else, she waited and watched along with her family, but they saw no one else appear.

You can actually see the building in question on Google Maps. DerbyshireLive describes it as a “derelict building next to the Tall Chimney pub” that used to be a factory where they produced chimney stacks.

Other Ghost Weirdness

Can Ghosts Make You Sick?: On July 3, 2018, about 18 students attending Nungua Senior High School in Ghana received treatment after claiming to see ghosts and “deceased students” wandering the halls. One specialist at a nearby hospital believes they were suffering from hysteria.

Would You Shoot A Ghost?: A self-proclaimed paranormal investigator from Connecticut is facing charges after discharging a firearm (twice) at what he claimed may have been a “spirit” attempting to enter his home. According to the New York Post, this is the second time the man has attempted (and failed) to shoot a ghost, perhaps proving once again the old adage, “What is dead may never die.”

Would You Marry A Ghost?: A UK woman named Amethyst Realm, recently interviewed on This Morning, apparently wants to marry and have a child with her “ghost boyfriend.” She’s a “spiritual guidance counsellor,” and claims the spirit approached her while out “taking a walk” in Australia.

They immediately hit it off, and traveled back to the UK together. According to Realm, the ghost is “very ancient, very wise, [and] very kind.” As for what a ghost pregnancy would entail, she can only say, “I’m not sure what it will turn out like.” She has, however, been researching “phantom pregnancies.”

Would You Use A Ghost To Save Your Ruined Engagement?: An Englishman reportedly fabricated ghostly messages in an attempt to “win back” his ex-girlfriend.  According to the Telegraph, the girlfriend had a restraining order against the man, but he tried to get clever — he sent her a message, under the guise of a nearby psychic, claiming that her dead mother was urging her to get back together. “All you have to do is to call him,” the message read. Let’s just say it didn’t quite work.

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