Bigfoot Sightings 2019: Evidence of the Elusive Cryptid

New Bigfoot sightings are reported every month, stories of hairy bipedal humanoids lurking in forests around the world, and yet eluding definitive proof of their existence. The nature of these alleged creatures remains a mystery, but one thing is certain: A Bigfoot hunter’s job is never over.

Throughout 2019, I updated this page with the latest Bigfoot sightings, news, and other stories that happened to jump out at me.

Latest Bigfoot Sightings In 2019

Strange Figures Near Oregon Road

In November, an individual phoned the Oregon State Police to report the sighting of a large humanoid figure standing near I-84’s Hood River Exit 64 A. It was a creature, said the witness, that was much “too big to be a bear,” and that appeared to be walking upright.

Later, the Umatilla / Morrow County Watch Facebook page shared a screenshot from a traffic cam that happened to be on that very road. It seemed to reveal that a large, looming figure was indeed lingering by the road’s guard rail.

However, in the stark light of day, it became clear that the creature was actually a very large bush.

Image: TripCheck

Bigfoot Crosses Street in Littleton, North Carolina

North Carolina has proven to be a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings this year (with multiple entries on this very list). In early November, another sighting occurred when a woman in Littleton, North Carolina allegedly saw Bigfoot crossing an intersection.

She told her tale to investigator Stephen Barcelo, who uploaded a short interview to YouTube. The woman, Eboni Byrd, said the relatively large creature stood up and began “walking ape-like.” She was in a hurry, so didn’t fully comprehend what she had seen until she turned the corner.

“I was like ‘wait a minute, that was Bigfoot,'” she said, “It was not a human.” The incident happened on November 1 at about 4:40 p.m.

Byrd later went back to the scene of the encounter, but the possible Bigfoot was nowhere to be found.

Possible Bigfoot Screams in Canadian Woods

YouTuber Stargell Blackstar uploaded footage on October 3, 2019 that contains what seems to be the faint sound of “strange” screams he managed to record that same day. As he tells it, he, his wife, and his grandson were out grouse hunting “about 45km from Sioux Lookout Ontario Canada.” The screams lasted about five minutes. The incident occurred at 6:50 p.m. CST.

Some believe the screaming is that of a “monster,” or perhaps even Bigfoot. One commenter even wonders if some of the alleged screams we hear in forests could be “a female bigfoot giving birth.”

On the other hand, more than a few claim it is possibly a wolf in distress.

Strange Noises and Possible Bigfoot In North Carolina

Image: Bigfoot 911

In September, Bigfoot 911, a Bigfoot investigation group hailing from North Carolina, released the above night vision photo of what they claim might be Bigfoot within a forest at Lake James.

According to the group’s founder John Bruner, he and three other team members took a boat out onto the lake on September 28, 2019 and headed for a nearby cove. According to The McDowell News, there had been reports of howling in the area around the lake, specifically the “Linville side.”

When Bruner and his team arrived, they cut the boat’s engine and floated quietly, after which they heard movement, followed by “wood knocks.” They then scanned the area with night vision cameras, which is when they noticed the dark figure standing among the trees of the forest.

By estimation, the creature stood roughly seven-and-a-half-feet tall. It was calm and nonthreatening, and made no noise. However, the knocking sounds continued, leading Bigfoot 911 to believe there may have been more than a single Bigfoot in the area, and that they were perhaps communicating with each other.

The group captured a total of 121 images. The sighting itself lasted about five minutes before the creature vanished into the forest, while the strange noises continued for 45 minutes afterward.

Baby Bigfoot Sighting In Backyard (Location Unknown)

Image: YouTube

On September 23, YouTube channel NvTv shared footage of an alleged “baby sasquatch.” The video was captured by a boy in his backyard and, while blurry, it appears to show a very small, dark humanoid figure among the trees and bushes of a nearby wooded area. At 1:20, the footage is replayed zoomed in. The location of the footage, however, is unknown.

“There it is, look, do you see that?” the boy says rather nonchalantly in the video, “That’s crazy. There is a sasquatch.”

Some viewers believe the video is simply of too poor quality to make anything out, while others suggest the figure may be of a bear cub or some other animal. At least a few posit that there may be a family of Bigfeet lurking in the bushes.

NvTv, meanwhile, describes the potential creature as “something dark and small…moving quickly on two legs like a monkey.”

Possible Young Sasquatch Sighting In New Jersey

A report filed with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) in August details a possible Sasquatch sighting in Burlington County, New Jersey.

The sighting occurred in June, as the witness was traveling on Route 563 at 6:40 p.m., near the Franklin Parker Preserve. A figure appeared on the ground near the left side of the road, which the witness first mistook for a ground hog. However, it then stood up on two legs, reaching an approximate height of three and a half feet tall.

The witness passed by the creature, but then turned around to investigate. The creature was still near the road, and according to the witness “looked like a cross between Curious George and the character Chaka from the Land of the Lost.” While the creature was covered in golden brown fur, its face and hands were bare. The witness also noted that its eyes were simply brown, with no white areas.

After the very brief encounter, the unidentified creature ran off with incredible speed, diving behind a bush and out of view.

During a follow-up investigation by BFRO’s Eric Spinner and other members, they recreated the encounter and took measurements, finding that the alleged creature likely would have been closer to four feet in height as it appeared to the witness.

Bigfoot Throws Rocks in Hickory, North Carolina

A dark figure lurks behind the trees
Image: Doug Teague/YouTube

Bigfoot hunter Doug Teague believes he may have spotted a Bigfoot while out recovering trail cameras in McDowell County, North Carolina in mid-August.

As he told the Morganton News Herald, Teague initially heard what he thought was simply the tell-tale tapping of a nearby woodpecker, but then something threw a rock at him.

When he turned to look, he noticed a dark figure lurking in the trees not too far from him. He managed to capture a photo, which he shared on his Facebook page, stating, “I normally don’t post my sightings but today was exciting. I got some of the best video and vocals I have ever got.”

He also managed to capture a short video, which includes footage of possible Bigfoot tracks in the area.

Some believe what Teague saw was nothing but a bear. However, aside from the fact that the “something” he witnessed threw rocks, Teague also feels the reaction of his dog, Daisy, may provide another clue. He says Daisy will approach bears, but in this case she “was going nuts but staying close to me.”

North Carolina Woman Has Bigfoot Neighbors

Vicki Cook of Shelby, North Carolina claims Bigfoot lives in the woods near her home, according to a report by WCNC. Her evidence includes “grainy” home video footage, as well as large footprints. She also claims to have had personal sightings of the cryptid, encounters that began in March 2019.

Cook has described the creature as very tall, huge even:

“It was on two legs. It was bipedal. The hair on the head on the body was real stringy and matted-looking.”

– Vicki Cook

Cook claims many different sets of footprints have been found near her property, with differing sizes. This may indicate an entire family of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?). Curiously enough, she’s also been leaving food out for them, and they seem to prefer sweet things, like candy and peanut butter.

Two Mysterious Bigfoot Sightings On Roads In Georgia

In May, two sightings occurred within the span of one week in Northern Georgia. On May 20, a nearly 8-foot-tall bipedal creature was reported between Ellijay and Blue Ridge at 8:30 p.m, near a small community known as Cherry Log. A second sighting was reported near Clayton, Georgia in the early morning hours of May 27.

The two locations are about 75 miles away from each other, though both witnesses described the towering creatures as dark in color, leading some to wonder if the sightings are related.

Edward Lee, the man who spotted the creature at Cherry Log, described it as hairy with very long arms like a primate. He estimated that it stood about 7 to 8-feet tall. Notably, it also had a pointed head.

Lee had been driving down the highway when he saw the potential cryptid loitering just off the road. The creature then wandered back into the woods, and seemingly vanished. Two sketches of the creature can be seen at the Expedition: Bigfoot Facebook page, where the report initially appeared.

After seeing that first report, another witness came forward with their own sighting, this one near Clayton, Georgia. It, too, featured a large “black/grey” creature, spotted walking in a nearby field. When the witness stopped his car and got out for a better look, the creature reportedly walked back into the woods.

Bigfoot Sighting Involves An Axe in Oregon

Also in May, an Oregon man was arrested by police after dialing 911 and claiming he had been attacked by someone with an axe in Klamath County.

What his frenzied call failed to mention was that the attacker, or so he claimed, was the Pacific Northwest’s very own Sasquatch. With an axe.

When police questioned the caller at the scene of the alleged crime, Sasquatch was suspiciously absent, and the man appeared unharmed. There was also no explanation for why the hairy cryptid may have attacked the man with an axe in the first place.

“Upon a subsequent investigation,” said the country’s Deputy District Attorney Cole Chase, “There were no signs that Sasquatch was present.”

With no evidence of Sasquatch, the weapon, or further details, the man was charged with filing a false police report.

Indian Army Shares Possible Yeti Footprints

A photo of alleged Bigfoot prints taken by the Indian Army
Image: Indian Army/Twitter

Via their own verified Twitter account, on April 29 the Indian Army revealed their own discovery of strange prints they believe may have been left by the legendary Yeti:

“For the first time, an #IndianArmy Moutaineering Expedition Team has sited Mysterious Footprints of mythical beast ‘Yeti’ measuring 32×15 inches close to Makalu Base Camp on 09 April 2019.”

Pictures were included along with the tweet. Many are skeptical that the prints were left by a yeti. Others suggest the single-file nature of the prints may be evidence of “yeti hopping,” in which the yeti perhaps walks or hops in a line to conceal their numbers. Some experts, on the other hand, believe the prints are simple bear prints.

Whatever the case, the fact that the Indian Army are the ones making the claim has raised more than a few eyebrows.

Bigfoot Prints Mystify Argentina

In other Bigfoot tracks news, in March, two strange incidents occurred in Argentina, each involving the appearance of mysterious human-like footprints.

El Tribuno featured the story on March 26, 2019 (translated). The footprints were located on a farm in Ovando, and reportedly measured 15cm (about 6 inches) wide and 25cm (about 10 inches) long.

Adding to the mystery, the prints were found after an incident the previous night on the farm. The farm’s dogs inexplicably began to panic and cry at something that had appeared, after which farmer Nelson Colque ran out and fired shots into the air to scare whatever it might have been. “The odd thing is that when there are people, the dogs usually bark, they do not cry,” Colque recalled.

A few weeks prior, another massive footprint was found at another area in Argentina, over 500 miles away. As impossible as it would seem, some think the two sets of prints may be related. Some locals believe the prints may have been left by the legendary Ucumar, Agentina’s version of Bigfoot.

Another Bigfoot Sighting in Utah Raises Questions

A potential Bigfoot climbs the peak in the distance
Image: YouTube

Only three months after a sighting in Provo, Utah rocked the Bigfoot scene (featured farther down in this post), the cryptid seemingly appeared again, this time at Lone Peak, an area southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah, and just north of Provo.

Yet again, the sighting arrives alongside a video, courtesy the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, along with some lengthy analysis. The actual submitted footage of the Bigfoot encounter can be seen at about 3:09.

The sighting occurred on March 23, 2019. The witness, a man named Tanner Hargis, contacted RMSO, and provided details of the curious encounter.

It happened “at around 10:30 AM,” he wrote, “Up on Wasatch Range, near Loan Peak. It was high up to where I don’t think any man will hike up it.” Hargis was standing in his own backyard at the time, filming the shadowy figure with the high zoom of his spotting scope.

He thought the potential Bigfoot, which he guessed looked about 8 feet tall, may have been “about 8600 feet in elevation” while walking along the peak.

That makes two rather high-profile Bigfoot sightings in Utah so far this year. Will there be more?

Possible Bigfoot Prints Found in Washington

In early March, Steven Meacham was out for a drive in Medical Lake, Washington when he and his wife spotted some rather massive footprints in the snow. Upon closer inspection, the prints measured 24 inches long, and were spaced 30 inches apart.

Meacham later shared images of the prints on Facebook, and the story was picked up by local media.

Were they made by Bigfoot? “It’s a possibility,” Meacham told KHQ Local News, “I can’t say I’m 100 percent sure, but I hope so.”

The size and stride of the footprints have left many wondering just what, if not Bigfoot, may have created them. While they could very well be the result of a man-made hoax, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife speculate that they may just be ordinary human prints that have become “distorted” by the melting snow.

Others, however, are prone to believe that they are, indeed, Sasquatch prints.

Yowie Hair Found on Fence in Australia

Australian cryptid chaser David Taylor claims to have found possible evidence of the Yowie, a legendary Bigfoot-like creature of the Outback.

The evidence came in the form of a clump of strange hair, which he found clinging to a barbed wire fence north of Mackay in Queensland. The discovery happened in February. The scene looked as though something huge got snagged, the fence itself appearing “snapped and twisted.” Meanwhile, the hair smelled absolutely awful, says Taylor, like “rotten meat crossed with urine.”

The Daily Mail provides images of both the hair and fence, as well as information on Taylor’s previous Yowie sighting. The hair is very thick and long, while the fence appears twisted up, as if something got caught in it.

The mysterious hair is now being examined by experts to determine what animal it may belong to, though Taylor expects the analysis to be inconclusive.

Bigfoot Sighting On Mountains in Provo, Utah

A dark figure up in the Utah mountains
Image: Bigfoot in Provo/YouTube

On January 2, 2019, the year got off to an interesting start when a video appeared of a possible Bigfoot stomping about in the snowy mountains of Provo, Utah.

“I’m just gonna get more footage of the Sasquatch,” the man behind the camera says, rather nonchalantly, as he films a large, dark figure in the distance. “He’s just chillin’.” Everyone in the video seems in awe of the figure’s size. Even at a fair distance, it appears “huge.”

The video originated on Facebook, and was later shared by a friend on Reddit. “I’m bugged that he started filming with the video in vertical mode,” the friend wrote, “Everybody in his comments is telling him to hike up and check out the footprints.”

One commenter in the Reddit thread coincidentally mentions the existence of a “Bigfoot family” that is said to live “around Cascade Saddle.” Bigfoot activity is commonly reported in the area, with broken trees and the occasional discovery of “massive tree structures.”

Bigfoot’s Glowing Eyes Spotted in North Carolina

A shadow with glowing eyes in the forest
Image: Filip Zrnzević/Unplash

Not everything out in the woods is as it seems, and not everything is so unusual, either. In January, numerous sightings of glowing red eyes led to an official response from a local animal shelter in Davie County, North Carolina.

Residents reported witnessing the glowing eyes while driving down Pine Ridge Rd. in Mocksville. The Davie County Animal Shelter found itself inundated with calls about the seemingly spectral phenomenon, with people reporting possible Bigfoot sightings.

Turns out it was Bigfoot, from a certain point of view.

That is, the glowing red eyes were the result of reflections from a statue. A statue of Bigfoot.

“If you see this phenomenon,” the animal shelter posted to Facebook on January 11, “You do not need to call animal control to report seeing Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or any other large creature.” They also included a picture of the statue, taken in daylight. It’s a large, dark figure holding a stick, staring out at the road.

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