Bigfoot Sightings 2019: Reports and Videos of the Elusive Cryptid

By | Last Updated: March 17, 2019

In Search of Bigfoot

A Bigfoot hunter’s job is never over. New sightings are reported every day, stories of hairy bipedal humanoids lurking in forests around the world, and yet eluding definitive proof of their existence. 

What is Bigfoot? A ghost? An alien? A new, as-yet-unidentified species? I don’t expect we’ll learn the truth any time soon, but below you’ll find a number of sightings, reports, and tidbits regarding Bigfoot that pop up throughout 2019.

4. Possible Bigfoot Prints Found in Washington

March 2019 – In early March, Steven Meacham was out for a drive in Medical Lake, Washington when he and his wife spotted some rather massive footprints in the snow. Upon closer inspection, the prints measured 24 inches long, and were spaced 30 inches apart.

Meacham later shared images of the prints on Facebook, and the story was picked up by local media.

Were they made by Bigfoot? “It’s a possibility,” Meacham told KHQ Local News, “I can’t say I’m 100 percent sure, but I hope so.”

The size and stride of the footprints have left many wondering just what, if not Bigfoot, may have created them. While they could very well be the result of a man-made hoax, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife speculate that they may just be ordinary human prints that have become “distorted” by the melting snow.

Others, however, are prone to believe that they are, indeed, Sasquatch prints.

3. Yowie Hair Found on Fence in Australia?

February 2019 – Australian cryptid chaser David Taylor claims to have found possible evidence of the Yowie, a legendary Bigfoot-like creature of the Outback.

The evidence came in the form of a clump of strange hair, which he found clinging to a barbed wire fence north of Mackay in Queensland. It looked like something huge got snagged, the fence itself appearing “snapped and twisted.” Meanwhile, the hair smelled absolutely awful, says Taylor, like “rotten meat crossed with urine.”

The Daily Mail provides images of both the hair and fence, as well as information on Taylor’s previous Yowie sighting. The hair is very thick and long, while the fence appears twisted up, as if something got caught in it.

The mysterious hair is now being examined by experts to determine what animal it may belong to, though Taylor expects the analysis to be inconclusive.

2. A Bigfoot Mystery in Provo, Utah

Image: Bigfoot in Provo/YouTube

On January 2, 2019, the year got off to an interesting start when a video appeared of a possible Bigfoot stomping about in the snowy mountains of Provo, Utah.

“I’m just gonna get more footage of the Sasquatch,” the man behind the camera says, rather nonchalantly, as he films a large, dark figure in the distance. “He’s just chillin’.” Everyone in the video seems in awe of the figure’s size. Even at a fair distance, it appears “huge.”

The video originated on Facebook, and was later shared by a friend on Reddit. “I’m bugged that he started filming with the video in vertical mode,” the friend wrote, “Everybody in his comments is telling him to hike up and check out the footprints.”

One commenter in the Reddit thread coincidentally mentions the existence of a “Bigfoot family” that is said to live “around Cascade Saddle.” Bigfoot activity is commonly reported in the area, with broken trees and the occasional discovery of “massive tree structures.”

1. Bigfoot’s Glowing Eyes in North Carolina

January 2019 – Not everything out in the woods is as it seems, and not everything is so unusual, either. In January, numerous sightings of glowing red eyes led to an official response from a local animal shelter in Davie County, North Carolina.

Residents reported witnessing the glowing eyes while driving down Pine Ridge Rd. in Mocksville. The Davie County Animal Shelter found itself inundated with calls about the seemingly spectral phenomenon, with people reporting possible Bigfoot sightings. Turns out it was Bigfoot, from a certain point of view.

That is, the glowing red eyes were the result of reflections from a statue. A statue of Bigfoot.

“If you see this phenomenon,” the animal shelter posted to Facebook on January 11, “You do not need to call animal control to report seeing Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or any other large creature.” They also included a picture of the statue, taken in daylight. It’s a large, dark figure holding a stick, staring out at the road.