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What Is the Hollow Earth Theory?

The Hollow Earth Theory proposes that the interior of our planet is hollow.

For thousands of years, the idea of a Hollow Earth has presented in a variety forms, from ancient mythologies to modern scientific hypotheses. A number of these hypotheses have appeared over the last several hundred years, though most are today considered pseudoscience. Nevertheless, the Hollow Earth Theory remains a compelling topic of paranormal discussion.

One of the more interesting hypotheses of the Hollow Earth was published by Dr. Raymond Bernard in 1964. In his book, Bernard explored the idea of two openings at the North and South Poles, similar to previous Hollow Earth claims.

Most compelling, however, was his claim that what we call UFOs, or flying saucers, do not originate from space, but rather from within the Hollow Earth itself, where remnants of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria have survived to this day. The crafts people claim to see, he alleged, are simply examples of Atlantean and Lemurian technology. While they fled into the Hollow Earth after an ancient “tragedy,” today they venture outside to keep an eye on us surface-dwellers.

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