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Greeley, Colorado

Image: Guggenheim Hall, UNC, courtesy Peter Romero via CC BY-SA 2.0

Recent inquiries into Greeley, Colorado (LOC) led me to investigate reports of local paranormal activity.

The town is located in Weld County, about 49 miles north of Denver. A quick search turned up several entries about haunted places and a number of paranormal societies in the area. Many reports involve the University of Northern Colorado, which is in Greeley.

Haunted Locations in Greeley, Colorado

Ramkota Hotel

Now the Clarion Hotel, this location is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a woman named Rosy. She’s said to have been pushed from a balcony back when the hotel was known as the Chief Theatre. Her spirit remains there to this day.

University of Northern Colorado (UNC)

Ghost entity “Edith” is said to lurk two dormitories on campus.

Haunted House across from UNC Campus

A lengthy Reddit post, shared on September 15, 2012, details paranormal activity involving a sorority house “across from Gunter Hall on the UNC campus.” The events described include chills, the feeling of being watched, and the manifestation of an otherworldy “grey hand.”

Paranormal Society Activity

In 2010, the Greeley Tribune published an article about the Northern Colorado Paranormal Society. The group investigated the Windsor-Severance Library, searching for evidence of its so-called “Library Ghost.” Reports of paranormal activity at the library included cold spots, the smell of smoke, and the sound of an unseen force placing books on shelves.

Other local paranormal societies include:

  • 970 Paranormal of Northern Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain Paranormal
  • Colorado Paranormal Research Investigations, LLC