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Image: The Secret World

New MMORPG The Secret World Asks, “What If All Conspiracies Were True?”

December 8, 2011 Entertainment Leave a comment

While I’ve never found online roleplaying games entirely thrilling, I can’t help but be a little intrigued by Funcom’s upcoming hybrid MMORPG The Secret World. Set in modern day, The Secret World is an online game that supposes every conspiracy theory, every urban legend, is true. Players will work with ...

Image: Apocalypse, CA (2011)

Apocalypse, CA

December 5, 2011 Entertainment

The Apocalypse. Just in time for the holidays. The doomed cast of characters in the upcoming indie film Apocalypse, CA have one week left on Earth before a planet-killing asteroid wipes them from existence. But this isn’t your usual end of the world, apocalyptic examination of the human condition; not ...