0 Comments Wicked Shelf Cloud Formation Passes Over Anna, Illinois

Wicked Shelf Cloud Formation Passes Over Anna, Illinois

A Walmart parking lot turned into the set of Independence Day last week when a shelf cloud poured over Anna, Illinois, captured in a video that’s since gone viral. In the video, shared by Live Storm Chasers, you can see it all in glorious vertical smartphone cam. The footage pans from the Walmart entrance to …


12 Weird Buildings With the Strangest of Dimensions

Well, folks, it’s been a good run, but I think the time has come for a drastic change. Ghosts? Bigfoot? John Titor? It’s all old hat, as I’m sure you’ll agree. So tonight I’m happy to announce, effective immediately, that the focus of Stranger Dimensions is going to shift from science and the paranormal to …

0 Comments The terraced pools

The Terraced Pools Of Pamukkale

No, that’s not snow you’re looking at. The terraced pools of Pamukkale in southwestern Turkey are naturally occurring hot springs, and the majestic white landscapes you see are actually the result of calcium carbonate, which bubbles up from within the earth and hardens to become travertine, a type of limestone.


Myths and Aliens at the Rhodope Mountains

Spanning southern Bulgaria and parts of Greece, the Rhodope Mountains were named after Queen Rhodope of Thrace, a figure of Greek mythology. They’re home to such natural wonders as the marble cliffs of the Trigrad Gorge, which leads to a very interesting place: Devil’s Throat Cave. You see, the Rhodope Mountains were the homeland of …