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Open Lines: “BerenstEin”

So, parallel universes. Outside of time travel, I can’t think of anything that grabs my imagination in quite the same way. Bizarre accounts of people visiting from other worlds. John Titor and his worldline divergence. That little phenomenon we’ve dubbed the Berenst#in Bears problem. It’s wild stuff, let me tell you.


ProfessorPhate and the Montauk Timeline Engineers

Do we live in an engineered reality? In 1999, an individual by the name of ProfessorPhate shared what he claimed to be the truth about our worldline, in which we are the unsuspecting players of a hidden “reality war” that could one day doom us all. Sound farfetched? It’s a somewhat confusing story, I’ll admit, and I …

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The Mandela Effect: More Proof of Parallel Universes?

As a follow-up to my post on the Berenst#in Bears problem, I thought this was worth sharing. Yesterday, I found myself over at the subreddit r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix. And, wouldn’t you know it, the top post over there is about something called the Mandela Effect. This is the apparent name for phenomena like the Berenst#in Bears Problem, in which we …

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The Berenst#in Bears Problem: Are We Living In An Alternate Worldline?

A couple months ago, someone left an innocuous comment on my post 4 Weird “Clues” that Parallel Universes Exist. The comment was this: “You need to look up the Berenst#in Bears problem.” My response at first was probably what yours is now: The what? But after a quick Google search, I realized what this person …