Time Travel, Aliens, Or Both? Mysterious Handbags Depicted On Ancient Statues

Oh, the things you find on YouTube. In the above video, YouTube channel UFO Today ponders the nature of what appear to be bags and their prominent depictions in ancient Mesopotamian and South American artwork. The narrator invokes the Ancient Aliens hypothesis and the possible existence of the Annunaki, proposing that, perhaps, these handbags on …

Is Atlantis in Morocco?

Is the Lost City of Atlantis in Morocco?

The lost city of Atlantis is thought, by some, to be nothing more than myth, part of an allegory written by the Greek philosopher Plato in his works Timaeus and Critias. But one German computer programmer, Michael Hubner, believed the city was real, and that he may have discovered its location.

Vaimānika Shāstra: The Curious History of the Ancient Indian Flying Machines

A few years ago, reports surfaced on the Internet of a “vimana” discovered by the United States military in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan. As incredible as that, itself, sounds, the vimana was also allegedly encased in a “time well,” leading to the disappearance of at least eight soldiers who attempted to retrieve it. Hard …

Agharta and the Golden City of Shambhala

Agharta And The Golden City Of Shambhala

As the Russian philosopher Nicholas Roerich passed through the sprawling mountains of Central Asia in 1926, he and his guides were shocked to witness an incredible, golden orb floating in the sky. “…high up in the cloudless sky, they clearly saw a golden spheroidal object moving from the Altai Mountains to the north at tremendous …