NASA image of Earth

Flat Earth Flight Foiled In California

Is the Earth flat? That’s a bit of a weird topic, if you ask me. An oddly political one, too – there’s an honest-to-goodness movement behind the idea, with large online communities devoted to unraveling what many believe is a planet-wide conspiracy to keep the true nature of our world a secret.

Dinosaur fossils

Did Dinosaurs Once Exist On Mars? Weird Rocks and Other “Evidence”

Earlier this year, NASA published a study about Arsia Mons, a long-dead shield volcano on Mars. As it turned out, that volcano seemingly died right around the same time as the dinosaurs here on Earth. As they shared in their news release, “The last volcanic activity there ceased about 50 million years ago — around …

An emergency alert on television

Emergency Broadcast Warns Residents of Doomsday in Orange County, California

Residents in Orange County, California got a rare treat a few days ago, when their television signals were hijacked by an “emergency alert” warning them of impending doom. The broadcast actually contained a clip of the Area 51 caller, who frantically phoned into Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM back in 1997, as well as …