What Are Spirit Guides?

What Are Spirit Guides?

A spirit guide is an otherworldly entity that assists a living person in strange and subtle ways. It’s said that each of us has at least one, assigned at the moment we’re born, who follows us throughout our lives. Sometimes, they come and go, helping us when needed, acting as a kind of supernatural support system.

Ouija Board Possession: Is It Real?

Yet another person has found herself allegedly possessed after using a Ouija board, but this time there’s a twist: the board wasn’t real, it was a smartphone app. 18-year-old Patricia Quispe of Chosica, Peru used the unidentified Ouija board app one evening with a group of friends. There’s no word on whether or not they actually …

A planchette rests on a Ouija board

5 Signs Your Ouija Board Session Has Gone Horribly Wrong

There you are, sitting at a table with a group of friends, fingers on the planchette. You’re ready to communicate with the great beyond – but wait! You never know what you’ll find when dealing with the mysterious spirit board. You have to be careful, you know. Here are five ominous signs that your Ouija session may be heading …

How to Break a Connection With a Ouija Board

While researching my post on Zozo, the Ouija board demon, I came across some interesting advice about what a person should do once he or she decides to end spirit communication. How do you break that connection with the other side? Closing the Connection There are certain rules you should follow when dealing with a …