Psi Wheels, Telekinesis, and the Problem with Paranormal Videos

Telekinesis, or psychokinesis, is the alleged ability to move, or otherwise affect, objects without physically interacting with them. And while there’s no hard evidence, many people do believe it’s possible. One of the ways a person can determine if he or she possesses telekinesis, or so they say, is with a little test involving something called a …

What Are Poltergeists?

What Are Poltergeists?

Poltergeist, in German, literally means “noisy ghost.” This paranormal phenomenon has appeared in folklore, movies and — if some cases are true — even reality. And while they may not be demons, or even spirits at all, poltergeists are the type of supernatural manifestation you’d probably want to avoid.

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Could Our Subconscious Mind Be Responsible For Psychic Abilities?

We’ve always been told that we shouldn’t let our emotions cloud our judgment, but a new study suggests that our emotions may be more “intelligent” than we originally thought. It’s being called the “emotional oracle effect.” Participants in the study, led by Michael Pham at Columbia Business School, made better choices if they followed their …