0 Comments NASA image of weird ball on Mars

Mysterious Sphere Found On Mars Rover Image

There’s something for everyone on Mars – broken spacecraft, dinosaur bones, remnants of ancient civilizations. Squirrels. Perhaps it’s not so extraordinary, then, that eagle-eyed supernatural seekers have located a mysterious round ball on the Red Planet.

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The Baltic Sea Anomaly: The Millennium Falcon of the Ocean

The Baltic Sea Anomaly is a mysterious object discovered by the Swedish diving team Ocean X during the summer of 2011. While out searching for a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea that year, the divers came upon a large, unidentifiable — and perhaps unnatural — object on their sonar. It rested about 300 feet (90m) …

2 Comments Canada Orb UFO July 2017

Glowing Nighttime UFO Captured On Video In Squamish, BC, Canada

The area around Stawamus Chief in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, is no stranger to sightings of orbs and spheres. That’s why researchers Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb visited the area last month, taking time to investigate the granite dome on July 22, 2017. At 10:59 p.m., they witnessed and captured an incredible sight. As Freeman …