Bigfoot Sightings 2018 – An Ongoing List of This Year’s Evidence

Posted by | Last Updated: February 17, 2018
Bigfoot Sightings 2018
Image: Lukas Neasi/Unsplash

Bigfoot sightings are often dubious, but always entertaining. And sometimes, you’ll come upon a video or an account that really jumps out at you, and makes you wonder.

Is Bigfoot real?

Throughout 2018, I’ll be updating this page with the alleged evidence and Bigfoot sightings that happen to intrigue me. Hopefully, they’ll intrigue you, too. I may also include stories about Skunk Apes, Yowies, Yetis, and other hairy humanoid cryptids who decide to join the fray.

At the end of this post, you’ll also find short snippets of Bigfoot-related news that appears throughout 2018. Here’s a handy table of contents:

Perhaps, as the months pass, this page will become a compelling resource for various apelike cryptid encounters that happen this year. At the very least, you may find something to pass the time. Let’s get started.

Bigfoot Sightings from 2018

1. A Canadian Bigfoot Sighting

Footage from Canada alleges to show a large humanoid creature stalking about a forest. Details are, however, scant. The video’s description (the video has since been removed from YouTube) claims that a family walking “near a river in the Canadian wilderness” accidentally came upon the “giant Bigfoot like creature.”

Watching the video, you’ll see the alleged creature appear first at the lower center of the screen. It seems to perhaps draw to full height, then lumber off into the wilderness. While the video was uploaded to YouTube on January 5, 2018, it’s unclear when the footage itself was captured.

Many who have commented regarding the video believe the unidentified figure may actually be a bear. Others, however, are more convinced of its paranormal nature. “It’s clearly not a bear,” says one commenter, while another opines that “You can’t make out if it’s a bear or a Bigfoot or anything else.”

2. Bigfoot Audio

On January 18, 2018, the Southern Bigfoot Research YouTube channel uploaded a very short 12-second clip of potential Bigfoot audio, recorded during a recent hunt in the mountains of North Carolina. The sound, a rather high-pitched yelp, lasts about four seconds.

One commenter shared that they’ve hiked there and have also “heard stories of activity in that area.”

Many Bigfoot encounters involve these mysterious yelps and even screams, though many claim they are nothing more than the sounds of ordinary animals.

Bonus Bigfoot Sightings

As is usually the case, many of the sightings that’ll pop up in 2018 will actually be from previous years. But that doesn’t make them any else interesting — we may just be seeing them for the first time.

1. A Sasquatch In Lake Arrowhead, California

Image: Jesse Gardner/Unsplash

This one’s a bit complicated, because it actually involves an ongoing lawsuit against both the California Deparment of Fish and Wildlife and the state’s Natural Resources Agency.

You see, in March 2017, Claudia Ackley claims she and her daughters witnessed a sasquatch while hiking near Lake Arrowhead, California. However, after reporting the sighting to local authorities, she was dismayed to find they didn’t believe her, stating that it was likely just a bear.

Their unwillingness to believe Ackley ultimately led to her lawsuit, which is now set for a hearing on March 19, 2018.

“Respondents are, or ought to be, aware that the State of California is home to a large wild indigenous mammal, considered to be a giant hairy vertebrate, hominoid or primate, commonly known as Sasquatch.”

The lawsuit presents a case that Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, has a long history of sightings and evidence in California, and that the state is ignoring “one of the greatest discoveries of our time.” It also states that Sasquatch is “likely a species at risk” that “very well may pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of the citizens of the State of California.”

2. Bigfoot Throws A Tree In Alberta, Canada

This video, uploaded by NvTv on February 4, 2018, was allegedly taken in 2015 at a construction site in Alberta, Canada.

At first, it just seems like a blurry mess, until the alleged blobsquatch (read: blurry Sasquatch) appears to throw a tree into the field like a javelin. The construction workers seem fairly nonchalant about the whole event, but the footage, zoomed-in and repeated in slow motion (beginning at the 1:04 mark), is undoubtedly pretty weird.

Other 2018 Bigfoot News

February 7, 2018 – Expedia’s travel website has shared a list of the 20 best places in the U.S. to visit if you’re looking to have your own Bigfoot sighting. As usual, Washington finds itself at the top of the list. Other highlights include Edwardsville, Illinois, Daingerfield, Texas, and the small town of Cherry Log, Georgia, which even has its own Sasquatch museum.

January 31 – A lawn ornament in Equality, Alabama has neighbors doing doubletakes. It looks just like Bigfoot — or his silhouette, at least. Doesn’t help much that the owner likes to move it around! While this particular shadowy Bigoot may be fake, the surrounding area has had more than its fair share of real Bigfoot sightings, with one dating all the way back to 1967, according to The Outlook.

January 23 – A lawmaker in Washington state has put forward a bill to introduce a new specialty license plate featuring Sasquatch. As The Reflector reports, revenue from plate sales would go to park maintenance, and perhaps even increase interest in making Sasquatch Washington’s official state cryptid, something they attempted last year. Washington state would be the perfect place, if anywhere – as of October 2017, 640 sightings had been reported to the Bigfoot Field Researcher Organization, or BFRO.

January 19 – An Alberta, Canada Sasquatch hunter is petitioning the state of California to recognize the cryptid’s existence, according to Global News. The intent is to convince California lawmakers that Sasquatch is a real “indigenous wildlife species” that should be studied.

January 8 – Here’s a brief overview of reported sightings submitted to BFRO, as well as a ranking of state reports in 2017. Overall, Washington (642), California (437), and Florida (312) lead in total sightings. In 2017, the top three states were California (12), Illinois (10), and Texas (9). You can view all of BFRO’s Bigfoot data at their official website.

To view Bigfoot sightings from previous years, please visit the Bigfoot tag.