Study Shows Most People Wouldn’t Take Immortality Pill

Do you want to live forever?

I guess not, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Texas. They surveyed 911 adults in the United States, and their results show that only about 33% would consider taking a “hypothetical life extension treatment” in the form of a pill.

From the abstract:

“Age cohorts did not vary in their willingness to use life extension; however, in all three age cohorts, a plurality indicated that they would not use it. Men indicated a higher level of willingness to use the life extension treatment than women. Younger-old and older-old adults indicated that they would prefer to live permanently at an older age than younger adults.”

One caveat: The first question they asked was whether or not you’d take a pill that allowed you to live forever at your current age. For those in the older age group, only 24% said yes, while 32% of those in the young adult age group said yes.

Still not many, but I guess if you’re going to freeze your age, people would prefer to do it early!

You can read the full study, titled “Who wants to live forever? Age cohort difference in attitudes toward life extension,” right over here.


Rob Schwarz

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