[Ghost News] Paranormal YouTubers and a Care Home ‘From Hell’

From where I’m sitting, it’s been a pretty long month. A month filled with leaking ceilings, broken valves, a number of utility workers, and at least one plumber. And a tapeworm. Don’t ask.

Let’s wrap it all up with some of March’s biggest ghost-related headlines.

YouTubers Accidentally Find A Skull

It seems like ghost hunters are always finding anything and everything but ghosts. Example: Earlier this month, YouTube ‘paranormal investigators’ Dan and Felicity Duffy stumbled upon a human skull while exploring an abandoned hotel in the United Kingdom. The couple were understandably perturbed by what they found, and immediately called the police, who later confirmed that the skull was, indeed, human.

The skull was near an “army-style jacket.” According to Detective Inspector Debbie Hurst, they’re still investigating “how old the skull is and how long it has been at the location…” You can see the footage for yourself over at Dan Duffy’s YouTube channel.

Now, is this on par with the ghost hunters who found an entire body at an abandoned hospital back in 2015? Or, perhaps, the pair of mushroom hunters who also found a skull? Wait, mushroom hunters?

Another Window Ghost Shows Up In Hessle

HullLive shares the story of a woman who believes she witnessed a ghost in a window at the Hessle Foreshore mill in Hessle, England.

She was able to capture a photo, in which the alleged ghost appears as a white face with what you could call human features. Though some would say it appears more like a mask.

The anonymous woman told HullLive that she and her husband were eating in their car when she noticed the face in the window. She showed friends her pictures, and they, too, believe it could be a ghost. She also says there may be “more spirits in the picture” if you look closely.

But is it really a phantom? And, if so, why do so many ghosts enjoy hanging out around windows?

Undertaker Ghost Stories

Maybe your local undertaker knows the answer. Unilad recently highlighted a couple TikTok videos by professional mortician Morty Stein, who decided to share his “most terrifying” paranormal experiences on the platform.

Most notable was a story about his work at a funeral home with “a reputation for being haunted.” He says that one day, while his boss was conducting a service, he and a co-worker were up in a loft overlooking the chapel. Suddenly, a voice boomed out from seemingly nowhere — “GET OUT OF HERE!”

The two of them were alone, and the stairs up to the loft were loud and rickety. They would have known, says Morty, if someone were sneaking up to surprise them.

You can check out his other videos, where he talks about his life as a mortician, over at his TikTok account, @funeralhomeconfessions.

Japan’s Haunted Prime Minister’s Residence

No one in Japan wants to live in the official Prime Minister’s residence. Is that because it’s haunted?

According to Mashable, the Sori Kotei, constructed in 1929, has sat empty for years. This is, perhaps, because of the residence’s tumultuous history and haunted past — though, according to experts such as political science professor Hiromi Murakami, the true reason is that the place is just too darn big, to the point of being “not…very comfortable.”

Still, there are tales of ghostly apparitions sighted at Sori Kotei, specifically of spirits clad in military uniforms. And the question remains: If any officials did witness supernatural activity there, well…would a Prime Minister ever really admit to being afraid of ghosts?

A Care Home From Hell?

Urban explorers Matt Nadin and Andy Thompson were wandering around the abandoned Mossley Manor care home in Liverpool when they encountered something lurking ominously on the floor above them.

In a video taken inside the home, the two can be seen looking up the stairs, when suddenly a shadowy figure moves across the railing and quickly vanishes.

While your first thought is likely that it’s just another urban explorer, or someone else wandering around in the building, Nadin isn’t convinced. As he tells the story, after he ran upstairs chasing the figure, it would’ve been difficult for anyone to get out unseen. “There was no way anybody could’ve got back across the top of the stairs without Andy seeing,” he said, “There was nowhere for them to go.”

Nadin also notes that neither he nor Thompson intended to look for ghosts or anything unusual during their exploration. However, according to The Sun, they also claim to have recorded a potential EVP.

In a playback recording, the duo are inside a laundry room when Nadin says, “It’s the wash room, this, isn’t it?” Allegedly, the ghostly voice a girl answers with a terse, “Yeah.”


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