Starlings Over Lough Ennell Take Shape of Giant Bird

Nature is capable of some incredible sights, with or without the help of high strangeness (though always more exciting with a hint of ghosts or parallel universes, if you ask me).

Just check out this footage taken over Lough Ennell, Co. Westmeath, Ireland last week by Colin Hogg and photographer James Crombie. What we have here is a giant murmuration (a gathering of starlings) that, for the briefest moment, appears to take on the form of a gargantuan bird.

The Irish Times featured some of Crombie’s photographs, in which the starlings can be seen taking a number of extraordinary shapes. Hogg, meanwhile, captured the video seen above. Crombie reportedly spent several months attempting to get the eventual front page photo, making “about 50 trips” to Lough Ennell in the process. He finally managed to capture the moment he wanted last Tuesday night.


Rob Schwarz

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