[Ghost News] Cemeteries, Castles, and Incorporeal Dogs

Tonight on Ghost News, Season 1 Episode 5:

A gravestone ghost in New Hampshire – Photos shared on Facebook possibly reveal a translucent figure lingering among the graves at Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover, New Hampshire. “Last summer,” Tyler Karanasios wrote in his Facebook post, “my friend and I visited this cemetery and decided to take some flash photos to keep for memory. As we searched through them days later, we found THIS!” One of the photos contains a red circle around what Karanasios describes as “some sort of shadowy ghostly figure.”

Baby monitors strike again – What is more horrifying? A potential ghost, or the absolute state of this bedroom? A video shared on YouTube on February 12, 2021 appears to show triplets conversing with an “unseen figure.” The children’s mother had heard the triplets arguing with each other one night, but when she checked the baby monitor, she found they were actually arguing with a wall. In the past, the triplets have also apparently spoken of a “monster” that has appeared in that same spot at night. For other tales of ghostly baby monitor encounters, check here.

Dressed for every occasion — A woman visiting her daughter’s grave at Witton Cemetery in Birmingham, England, captured a series of photos that may contain evidence of “ghostly apparitions.” According to Birmingham Live, each picture shows a different specter — a woman wearing a white wedding dress, a man in long boots, and a different woman dressed in Victorian clothing. The photos were taken by the Moor Lane entrance during the early morning hours, while the cemetery was covered in fog and mist.

A psychic doesn’t feel so good — A Scottish psychic claims she experienced an ill feeling and a potential ghostly warning while exploring the haunted Lennox Castle near Glasgow, Scotland. She had ventured into the castle’s cellar when she began to smell burning and “rotting meat,” then heard the sound of metal clanging. She then felt compelled to leave. Later, when she reviewed her photos, she noticed the figure of a ghostly girl standing in a window.

Disembodied dogs at Arley Hall – The production crew of Peaky Blinders were filming at Arley Hall in Cheshire, England when they encountered mysterious barking noises within the haunted mansion’s hallways. According to The Sun, Arley Hall is known to be haunted by a former guard dog who once accidentally killed his owner after mistaking him for an intruder, and was later put down. Ever since, the dog has maintained his station even after death, attacking any bearded man wearing gamekeeper’s-esque clothing who dares enter the abode. Unfortunately for the cast of Peaky Blinders, their wardrobe often dictates that very thing.

“A few of the crew think they have heard some howling from the old corridors,” one anonymous source revealed, “It’s especially creepy, as a few of the shoots are at night.”

An old ghost lady at Wardour Castle – A woman named Carol Earl recently went digging through old photos and found a peculiar one she had taken in 2007 at Old Wardour Castle in Tisbury, Wiltshire, England. She and her daughter had been visiting the castle, and when the photo was taken, Earl says no one else was around.

However, in the photo, while Earl leans against one of the castle walls, the translucent figure of an old woman wearing glasses and using a cane can be seen walking behind her. “There was absolutely nobody there at the time,” she recalled, “nobody walking by, nobody in the vicinity.” While the photo looks like it could be the result of an old-fashioned double exposure, the pictures were digital.


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