[Ghost News] Cemetery Spirits And Haunts for Sale

The holidays are coming to an end, but the third edition of Ghost News has only just begun. From Australia to Scotland, here are some of the past month’s notable haunted headlines.

Australia’s Ghost in the Window

An Australian man named Tyler Thornton shared a few pictures this month with the Facebook group Australian Paranormal. According to his story, the photos may show the ghostly visage of his late grandfather “doing the dishes” at the window of his old home.

“When my pop passed away we had to sell his house in Port Victoria, the real estate agent took these photos and sent them to my mum straight away. There was nobody eles at the property at the time.”

The figure, though blurry and hard to make out, appears as a man standing by the window (close-ups here), looking like he may be drying a plate in his left hand.

Reactions are mixed, with some unable to make out the ghostly figure, others assuming it’s nothing more than pareidolia. But Thornton seems open to the idea that it’s a ghost, possibly a “younger version” of his grandfather, who had “lived in the house for around 25 years.”

Spirit Wanders Abandoned Welsh Hospital

Kayleigh Love of Swansea was exploring an abandoned hospital in South Wales when she captured footage of what may be a specter roaming its halls.

According to Wales Online, when she was first exploring the abandoned hospital, Love didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Even after uploading her initial video to YouTube, the potential ghost sighting eluded her, until one of her subscribers pointed out a shape in the doorway at the end of the hall.

It appears very briefly in the above video at about 0:04-0:05, moving from left to right in the doorway and, as Love describes it, disappearing into the wall.

“There is visibly what seems to depict a figure of a girl in a old fashioned grey nightgown dress with black hair as I pan my camera towards the bottom of the corridor as if she is watching me!! Then as my camera comes back up from facing in the down position you can see her walk to the side and disappear into the wall!!”

Love also noted that, while in the abandoned hospital, she experienced a feeling of being watched. As seen in the video, there were other “explorers” in the building, but she believes they were accounted for.

A Scottish Cemetery Ghost

Viewers of a Ghosts Of Britain livestream believe they saw the ghost of a child lurking near a grave at the Glasgow Necropolis.

As the duo behind Ghosts Of Britain, Lee and Linzi Steer, told Glasgow Live, they had decided to stop by the Necropolis while passing through Glasgow, and began a Facebook livestream. While they didn’t initially expect to do any ghost hunting (they were apparently after vampires), their viewers soon pointed out something that appeared on the video.

“We weren’t expecting to see anything but some fans were saying in the comments that we had caught an apparition. We were shocked to see the image screen shot from our live clear as day it looks like a child.”

They ended up pulling out a spirit box and attempting to communicate with the ghost. Hauntingly, the ghost allegedly stated “I’m here,” and indicated that it was scared.

The Florida Ghost Seat Returns

It’s not every day you get a paranormal press release, but November 30, 2020 happened to be one of those days.

The Florida Theatre, located in Jacksonville, Florida, announced that their famous Ghost Seat would be returning after refurbishment. The seat gained notoriety in 2010 after a paranormal investigation team captured images of an apparition sitting in it:

“The Florida Theatre ‘Ghost Seat’ was discovered in 2010 when the CW17 show Local Haunts conducted a paranormal investigation of the theatre, and captured images of a ghostly apparition of a man sitting in the balcony, in Section 500, Row E, Seat 2. Steve Christian, who led the team, called it, ‘The Holy Grail of paranormal investigation.'”

The release goes on to describe the seat’s haunted history, including the fact that “psychics routinely report a presence in the balcony” where the seat is located. The seat was also featured on an episode of SyFy’s Fact or Faked.

While all other seats in the theatre were recently switched out and upgraded, the Ghost Seat, along with its “companion seat,” was instead removed, refurbished, and then put right back. As Florida Theatre President Numa Saisselin explained, “We did not want our ghost to be homeless if his or her seat went away permanently.”

The Ghost(?) That Knocks

Last month, residents of Kampung Batu 37 in Sabak Bernam District in Selangor, Malaysia reported mysterious knocking throughout their village.

While this may not seem particularly supernatural, it’s one thing for strange knocking to happen at front doors, but some individuals reported unidentified knocks coming from within their homes.

The knocks happened at night. According to one man, “The knocking sound was loud as if someone wanted to get into the house quickly. When I peeked out the window, I did not see who was knocking. A few minutes later, the knocking sound came back and it came from the bathroom in the house!”

Those who experienced the knocking, which ultimately may have been nearly half of the villagers, found no one there when looking out their windows or answering their doors.

A Wedding Dress With Strings Attached

An unidentified woman in the United States recently attempted to sell an allegedly haunted wedding dress on Facebook.

She claimed she found it in an abandoned gold rush town in Washington, within the “rundown remnants of a small cottage.”

Supernatural activity began soon after she brought it home. Objects began to move, doors to open by themselves. Her cat’s food bowl launched toward a wall, and her cat began to hide from something invisible, instead of hanging out on the window sill as she usually would (read: can pets see ghosts?). This activity was accompanied by unexplained putrid smells, the scent of fire, and the presence of innumerable flies at her home’s windows and front door.

When she gave the dress to her mother-in-law to be fitted for her upcoming wedding, the unexplained activity stopped, leading her to believe that the dress was the cause. Her mother-in-law also noted a negative “energy” surrounding the dress, despite not being told of its strange effects.

Deciding to get rid of it, the anonymous woman listed the seemingly cursed, or perhaps simply haunted, dress on Facebook for only $600.


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