Druids Help Unlucky Farmer With Invisible Troubles In Cork, Ireland

An Irish farmer named Donal Bohane recently hired a pair of druids to help cast away some major bad luck.

Bohane had suffered multiple floods, infected cattle, and just an altogether unfortunate farming experience at his farm in County Cork, Ireland, when he finally decided to investigate the cause of the lingering shadow over his lands.

If you’re familiar with the folklore of Ireland, Scotland, and even Iceland, you know that rocks and other natural formations are often not what they first appear to be. With the help of a folklore expert at University College Cork, Bohane found that his farmland troubles all (potentially) led back to an “ancient” boundary marker, a standing stone, in one of his fields.

According to the Irish Examiner, the one-tonne stone had, perhaps all the way back in the Bronze Age, been placed as a marker for religious purposes. It may have also been associated with a nearby ringfort. About 10 years ago, as Bohane recalls, the stone was displaced, knocked over by a bull that had used it as a scratching post. The farmland has experienced terrible luck ever since.

Equipped with this information, and at the behest of folklorist Dr. Jenny Butler, Bohane recruited a pair of Irish druids, Jan and Karen Tetteroo, from Killarney. They performed an inspection of their own, and determined the boundary marker may have actually toppled over onto a “faerie road.”

This was not exactly good news.

To set things right, the druids performed a ritual, during which they communicated with the “unseen people” who inhabit the nearby ringfort. Then, they restored the stone to its original standing position. The entire process took around two hours.

Problem solved? Well, it’ll take more than a few days for Donal Bohane to figure that one out. He’s not alone in suspecting the otherworld as the cause of his misfortune, though — it was only last July that I shared this story about exorcists attempting to cleanse an Iceland farm. It happens!

Meanwhile, you may be interested in reading more about the two druids. They’re members of the Druid Grove of Anú, and you can check out their official website here.


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