[Ghost News] Phantasmal Breakups & Ouija Board Chaos

Welcome to this first edition of Ghost News. Because it’s October and I felt like writing about ghosts.

Ghost wedding officially canceled

Medium Amethyst Realm, who had originally intended to marry a ghost named Ray, has announced that the wedding is officially off.

According to ITV, Realm claims that her former fiancé, Ray the ghost, began to act strangely, leaving for unexpected lengths of time, and returning home with “other spirits.”

They’d previously met in Australia and, according to Realm, mostly communicated through energy and emotions. But eventually the bad began to outweigh the good.

“It was going really well, until we went on holiday,” she said during a recent interview on This Morning. “Then he just completely changed…I think maybe he fell in with a bad crowd…”

Despite giving Ray several chances to redeem himself, Realm eventually had to call it quits. She placed black tourmaline around her home (“Which keeps spirits away,” she said), and banished Ray with cleansing incantations.

Cheap Oujia boards removed from Halloween stores in UK

Spirit boards generated some controversy recently after UK retailer Poundland introduced budget Ouija boards for only £1 at their stories in Northern Ireland.

The sudden mass availability of cheaply priced oracles to the underworld caused some to cry foul, including Free Presbyterian minister Rev David McIlveen. “The young person doesn’t control the board,” he said, “the board controls them and that is frightening in every sense of the word.”

Others on social media spoke out against the sale of cheap Ouija boards, including DUP MP Gregory Campbell. In response, Proudland removed the items from their stores, with their spokesperson stating simply, “We had a message from the spirits to make the handful that were left vanish.”

TikTok curtain ‘ghost’ raises eyebrows


Ummmmm ok… #spooky but what was that ?

♬ Scary – Background Sounds

With about 9.4 million views and almost 28,000 comments, this TikTok video has generated a lot of discussion since it first appeared at the end of September.

In the video, Anna Banana is just about to discuss her next drink when she notices something behind her — a curtain begins to move, as if by someone’s hand.

She jumps up, runs to the curtain, and lunges at it with a flying punch. She then searches the area and closes the sliding door.

Was it just the wind? A ghost? Watch closely after Banana gets up, and you may see a figure crawling from left to right from the bottom of the curtain and behind the other sliding door.

I guess that could still be a ghost!

Ghost map shows most haunted spots in Gwent

Finally, the South Wales Argus recently featured an interactive Google Map showcasing various areas of paranormal activity around Gwent in south-east Wales.

Supernatural hotspots include the Kings Arms Hotel, where an entity was witnessed “descending the staircase and passing through the lounge,” and a road (lB4293) where a woman once heard a mysterious disembodied voice tell her to stop her car, saving her from a terrible accident.


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