Multiple Large Unidentified Objects Spotted On Shores Of Loch Ness

Two of the more bizarre Loch Ness sightings happened in 1888 and 1933. In ’88, Alexander MacDonald reported what he described as a salamander-like creature with “large stubby legs” surfacing in the water. And in ’33, strangest of all, a man named George Spicer and his wife said they witnessed a 25-feet-long creature with a wavy neck cross the road right in front of their car, heading for the loch.

In the years since, I suppose old Nessie has become a bit shy. You don’t hear about her crossing roads much, anyway. But we do still get stories like the one on Saturday, September 26, 2020, in which Corey Sturrock and his wife claim they saw a “bus-sized” creature in the waters of Loch Ness.

They’d been out for a walk at a beach on the loch’s northeastern side, in the village of Dores, at about 3:40 p.m. That’s when they spotted it — a strange, eel-like form that seemed to rise out of the water.

“We saw the water rippling as if something was swelling, and that is what grabbed our attention. We then saw this thing, that looked like a massive eel rise from the water, and then go back under again. There was a large swell.”

While Sturrock was unable to get a photo or video, he did say there were other witnesses present. The entire encounter lasted only a few short moments, but left him with the impression that there may, in fact, be something in the loch “of large size,” perhaps a really big eel. Their story appeared in the Inverness Courier.

“I have been camping and walking on Loch Ness my whole life and I have never believed in the Loch Ness monster. But what my wife and I saw was something quite extraordinary and I would like to know if other people have seen the same.”

There’s been speculation that the Loch Ness Monster might actually be a giant eel for some time, now.

A few days after Sturrock’s sighting, another man did appear with a video of something bobbing up and down in Loch Ness, also at the beach in Dore. The video’s not too terribly convincing as far as lake monsters go — it really looks more like a log, a submerged tree, or something along those lines. Whether or not it’s related to what the Sturrocks encountered is unclear.


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