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Japan’s Full-Size Gundam Performs Motion Test

I don’t know about you, but the one thing 2020 has severely lacked is a giant walking robot. Not anymore.

Last month, Japan’s full-size Gundam replica took its first step in Yokohama. Well, to be honest, it was less of a step and more of a very controlled forward motion with the help of supports, but impressive nonetheless given its immense size.

The bot is 60 feet tall and weighs around 24 tons, so you have to take these things slow. In the above footage (which is sped up quite a bit), you can watch as the giant mech exits its enclosure, kneels down, and raises its hand.

“Finally, the frame is completed, and the start-up experiment begins!”

The mech’s design is based on the 1970s anime Mobile Suit Gundam, and it’s built out of steel and carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

The team behind it has been hard at work since 2014. The whole project is meant to ultimately serve as part of a tourist attraction called Gundam Factory Yokohama, now set to open in December. The area will include a cafe, as well as viewing towers that’ll allow visitors to get up close and personal with the robot. You can find out more at their official website.


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  1. The mecha arms race has begun. Not only has Japan built the first working suit, they have decades of experience in producing training films. We’re doomed!

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