Ghost Of Girl Allegedly Visits Grave At New Mexico Cemetery

A strange image is said to show the spirit of a young girl visiting a grave at Masonic Cemetery in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The girl’s mother, Saundra Gonzales, first suspected something unusual when the toys and other items she had placed at her daughter Faviola’s tombstone kept vanishing. But she never expected what would happen next.

According to KFOX14, the family of another child has a camera set up nearby. They use it because they believe their son’s grave has been repeatedly vandalized by his killer, who has yet to be caught. But after recently reviewing the footage, they found not a vandal, but a young girl approaching their son’s gravesite.

The concerned family showed the footage to a cemetery employee, who right away believed the girl looked just like Faviola, and took them to her tombstone. They later shared the images with Saundra Gonzales. According to Gonzales, when she saw them, she knew without a doubt that the girl was her daughter.

Another image shows what the other family believes is the spirit of their son, who appears as a “tall man” near the girl. The two appear to walk off into the darkness together.

Local news station KRQE covered the story.

“She told us that she had something really beautiful to show us that they had captured on their video camera. So then she pulled out her phone and she showed it to me, and as soon as she showed me the picture I started crying.”

There are reasons to be skeptical — the other family had already experienced vandalism at their son’s tombstone, and it’s not unheard of for mere mortals to do such things at cemeteries. However, some commenters are giving the mother here the benefit of the doubt, believing that she would know what her own daughter looks like.

Faviola was only two years old when she died in 2018. Is her spirit, along with that of the deceased boy, lingering in that New Mexico cemetery?


Rob Schwarz

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