January 2020 Bigfoot Roundup: Sightings, Reports, and Other Weird Tales

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A dense fog covers a forest

What kind of Bigfoot sightings will happen in the Year of the Rat? 2020 has only just began, and we’ve already seen a number reports of strange activity near roads and forests around the country, several featuring creatures reportedly standing over nine feet tall.

What follows are some of the Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings, videos, and other miscellany that jumped out at me throughout the month of January. Perhaps some contain evidence of the hairy bipedal humanoid, or perhaps they point toward the existence of other strange, towering cryptids.

But, as always, I’ll leave you to decide whether or not any of these reports are worthwhile.

January’s Bigfoot & Sasquatch Sightings and Reports

1. Bigfoot Runs Across Road in Ohio

BFRO received what they consider a “Class A” Bigfoot report, submitted on January 24, 2020. The sighting happened near an intersection in Fairfiled County, Ohio on the evening of December 20.

According to the witness, they were just approaching a turn off on Winchester Southern Rd. when her husband spotted a “bipedal creature running toward the road from the left hand side.” (Images show that the potential Bigfoot actually approached the road from a gap between two houses.)

Despite the brevity of the sighting (they were traveling about 60 mph), the witness was able to describe the creature: It stood least 8-feet-tall, with “blondish red fur and [a] domed shoulder/head area.” It was running at full speed, and got close enough to their truck that it was momentarily illuminated by its headlights.

The possible Bigfoot “came within 2-3 feet of the driver side window,” the witness said, and crossed the road behind them as they passed by.

Shocked, they turned around to verify what they saw, and even returned to the scene the following day to investigate in the daylight. However, they never encountered the creature again.

BFRO investigator Matthew Moneymaker followed up on the sighting with a phone interview, deeming their account “very credible.”

2. Photo of Bigfoot Carrying a Deer

Lon Strickler of Phantoms & Monsters received a very strange photo from a witness in Valley County, Idaho, which he shared on January 25, 2020. The image, while low quality, is said to show a potential Bigfoot carrying what may be a deer carcass.

According to the witness’s report, he had been out hunting with a business partner when they heard screaming, which they thought may have been a “deer in distress.” Looking to see what it was, they spied what they at first thought was “another hunter.” However, the individual’s strange size and gait made them question that possibility. The witness then used a pair of binoculars, revealing what may have indeed been a Bigfoot stomping through the forest, carrying a deer over its shoulders.

The witness was able to capture a single photo with his smartphone, which you can view over at Phantoms & Monsters.

3. Bigfoot prints at Medoc Mountain State Park, North Carolina

Stephen Barcelo of the Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum shared video of potential Bigfoot prints at Medoc Mountain State Park in North Carolina on January 24. Along with the strange prints, broken trees also littered the area, which appeared to have been snapped at odd heights:

“…we found 75+ broken trees snapped at 3 to 6 foot all in different directions…”

According to Barcelo, other prints had previously been spotted in the area by a different group of investigators. He returned to the site the next day to better examine the broken trees, and later shared a video of casting the print.

4. Sasquatch-Like Figures Near Roads In Washington State

One of the bigger Bigfoot stories of January came directly from the Washington State Department of Transportation. They shared two potential sightings — one of a dark figure near a tree just off Sherman Pass, and the other of an alleged Sasquatch stomping its way through an overcrossing east of Snoqualmie Pass.

While the first sighting was deemed to be pareidolia (possibly just a humanoid-looking shadow on a tree trunk), the second alleged sighting at least came with an accompanying video.

They shared it on their I-90 Snoqualmie Pass Twitter account on January 23, 2020:

Most seem to agree it’s just a regular human in a snow suit, but it is curious that official government accounts have increasingly been sharing Bigfoot “sightings” like this.

5. More Bigfoot Sightings Near Sherman Pass

While the above Washington State reports might seem more than a little dubious, they prompted a man named Gary to come forward with his own stories. He claims he experienced multiple Bigfoot sightings in that very area, where he used to work building logging roads.

He told his tale to KHQ, recounting that he and his crew used to hear “otherworldly screaming” and the sounds of “stick pounding.” He also claims to have directly encountered a female Bigfoot, estimating that she stood at least 9-feet-tall, and was completely black.

After reporting the sightings, they had motion-sensing cameras installed.  Gary believes they likely captured footage of something, but he can’t be sure. Wanting to avoid an onslaught of tourists, none of the footage has ever been seen.

Other January Bigfoot & Sasquatch Highlights

Two Bigfoot spotted in Maine – Nv Tv shared this footage on January 5 of two alleged Sasquatch, captured by hikers in Maine. The area, known as the Katahdin region, is thought to be a hotspot of Sasquatch activity.

Sasquatch tracks in the Mojave Desert – Real Eyes TV featured a video from 2016 of large tracks “made by something big and unknown in the thick brush in the Mojave riverbed.” In the footage, a group of ATV riders stumble upon a set of large prints, and the man behind the camera describes them as “huge.”

Discovery UK shares Bigfoot howl – In a clip from Discovery’s Expedition Bigfoot, a primatologist plays a Bigfoot howl recording in an attempt to get a response from other Bigfoot in the forest. The program claims that “something returned the call.”

9-foot-tall Bigfoot on Vermont RoadPhantoms & Monsters received another Bigfoot sighting report in mid-January. The sighting occurred on a road in Vermont, during which the witness and her husband encountered a towering, 9-foot tall “shaggy” creature standing in the middle of the road. “I came to stop just yards from it,” she described. While at first they thought it was a bear, the creature then stood up, looked directly at them, and stalked off into the nearby brush.

How many Bigfoot sightings have we never even heard? – Sasquatch hunter James “Bobo” Fay of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot wonders just how many Bigfoot photos, videos, and other pieces of evidence might be out there that we’ve never seen. “I believe there are many…which have yet to be released for various reasons, including personal privacy,” he said at this year’s History & Mystery Weekend event in Illinois.

Bigfoot swamp saved by conservationists – Conservationists were able to raise enough funds to purchase the Jonas Ridge Bog in the Appalachian Mountains in January, preserving what may very well be a Bigfoot habitat. Multiple Bigfoot sightings have been reported in the surrounding area over the years, according to the Charlotte Observer.

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