Lauriston Castle Ghost Photo Adds to Haunted Rumors

“Okay, somebody explain this. Every word is true.”

Mind reader Drew McAdam shared his potential spirit photograph on January 4, 2020, taken outside the haunted Lauriston Castle, reports the Edinburgh Evening News.

As he wrote on his Facebook page that same day, he arrived at the Castle — a 16th-century tower house in Edinburgh, Scotland — at about 2:00 p.m. At that time, the place was empty. “The custodian had to switch off the alarm system (motion) when he arrived,” he wrote, “There was NOBODY in the house when I got there.”

But perhaps there was somebody. Or was it a ghost? McAdam took a few photos of the place, and when he later viewed them on his computer, he “noticed the strangest thing.” There was a person looking back at him through one of the castle’s windows, a woman who appeared to be wearing an old maid’s uniform.

He could’ve sworn no one was there at the time. “I have not edited this photo in any way,” he promised, aside from adding a red arrow to point out the would-be phantom.

“…say what you want, but there is a figure at that window, and they are not wearing modern clothing. Additionally, I had taken another couple of photos in quick succession – which you can see here, and the figure appears to have moved!”

The alleged ghost in the photograph can be seen in an upper window, dressed in old housemaid attire, hands seemingly clasped together as she watches the goings-on outside. In one of the images, it would indeed appear the figure had moved.

Is this really a ghost?

There’s at least one explanation that doesn’t invoke the paranormal. On McAdam’s original Facebook post, someone shared another image. It shows one of the castle keepers dressed as a 1900s housemaid as she dusts a hanging chandelier, as part of a “Lauriston Castle community project.”

The outfit looks uncannily like the one the “ghost” is wearing in the photo. But then, of course it would, if the ghost were of someone from the early 1900s! This also doesn’t explain why someone would be inside with all the motion detectors and alarms engaged.

On the other hand, some have speculated that the “ghost” might actually be a cardboard cutout.

And yet, the figure had seemingly moved. As McAdam wrote, “the place was deserted and in darkness.. Nobody arrived until around 15 minutes after I got there, when the custodian opened it up.” So who moved it? And would McAdam have missed the figure of a woman staring at him through the window? Questions, questions.

You also have Lauriston Castle’s haunted history to consider. In his post, McAdam shared a couple short tales he’d heard about paranormal activity at the old house. A woman he spoke with claimed to have once been pushed in the back by an unseen force.

Other stories, recounted by the Edinburgh Evening News, involve “shadowy figures” and unexplained noises, including the sound of ghostly footsteps echoing through the rooms.

Well, if this is an otherworldly apparition, we can add it to the pile of ghosts who like staring ominously outside of doors and windows. Like the translucent figure at Loftus Hall way back in 2014. I suppose there’s not much going on in the ghost realm, some days.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.

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