Texas Residents Capture Video Of “Triangle UFO” During New Year’s Celebration

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Three lights in the Texas sky on New Year's Eve

Residents in Houston, Texas could only stand in confusion as they watched the triangular UFO hover in the sky above them on New Year’s Eve. Quite the way to welcome 2020!

Uploaded to YouTube on January 3 by Stephaine Westerfield, the sighting was shared with few details. “Not sure what these light[s] are,” reads the video’s description.

Later, the witness answered a few questions in the comments, stating that the footage was taken at about 12:30 in the morning.

The video is surprisingly good in comparison to the types of UFO videos we usually see. It’s framed nicely though the trees, with good lighting, and there’s no shaking or wobbling or other weird distortions going on.

In it, we can see a trio of bright lights as they seemingly hover a fair distance up in the sky. One of the lights appears to slowly fade in and out, while the other two stay consistently lit, at least during the first video.

In a second video, two of the lights fade, with only the “bottom” light remaining.

“No, they’re moving, barely,” says one of the people in the video, “But that’s not fireworks.”

“It probably is,” says another.

“It is not. Fireworks don’t burn like that.”

UFO sightings are known to jump during times of outdoor celebrations involving fire in the sky (read: Fireworks) — particularly New Year’s and the Fourth of July. Obviously, as we can hear in the video, fireworks were going off at the time this sighting occurred.

However, given the shape of the UFO and how steady the “triangle” holds up, these lights certainly weren’t made by fireworks. What they might be are drones or, another holiday standby, Chinese lanterns.

One commenter claimed to have better pictures of the same formation, stating they were “3 bags with candles in them.”

On the other hand, whether or not this is an actual triangle UFO, I’ll leave that for you to decide. In most cases of triangular UFO sightings, however, witnesses have reported more than just lights — they’ve been able to discern the entire craft.

Some encounters may have even been of a rumored but never officially acknowledged aircraft flown by the U.S. Air Force.

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