UFO Sightings: “Huge UAP” Over California, Strange Lights in Mesa

Here we have two separate UFO sightings that recently popped up in the news.

On December 8, 2019, two residents of Mesa, Arizona spotted an orange orb-like object “dropping things” in the sky. DJ Maier and Kerri Burnett spoke with local news station ABC15 Arizona, describing the possible craft as “pretty bright.” It had approached from the southeast, they said.

The two were able to capture footage with their cell phones, and Maier uploaded it to Facebook.

Aviation experts seem to believe the sighting was of “parachute flares” that may have been used during a training exercise. However, in their report, ABC15 says they contacted the FAA, the nearby Luke Air Force Base, and the Army National Guard, but they couldn’t provide an explanation.

The identity of the strange object remains uncertain.

Responding to the possibility that the object or objects were simply parachute flares, Maier is unsure, questioning why there would be no aviation lights visible. “That’s an FAA rule,” he said.

“It had NO navigation lights and glowed in colors I can’t even explain like a lava pool,” he said, adding, “IT MADE NO SOUND!!!!”

“…we have nothing that can move side to side or literally disappear and re-appear the way this thing, or object did.”

Some commenters have pointed out that it’s possible the “orb” could also be a Chinese lantern, which might explain the unusual glow.

Image: YouTube/DJ Maier

This sighting has drawn many comparisons to the March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights incident, during which multiple events involving unexplained lights were widely reported appearing over Arizona, Nevada, and Sonora. The lights were seen by thousands of people. The U.S. Air Force reportedly identified one group of lights at “flares dropped by A-10 Warthog aircraft that were on training exercises,” according to Wikipedia.

A UFO Over California?

Meanwhile, another UFO sighting took place on the evening of October 19, 2019, but was recently covered by the Daily Star and other outlets.

The alleged craft reportedly appeared over Menifee, California, hovering silently in the air for several minutes until vanishing completely. “Over 100 witnesses [saw] this giant craft,” claims YouTube channel UFOS & ALIENS SANTANA, who uploaded the footage on December 3.

Image: YouTube


“I can’t tell if it’s drones or what…they look big,” says one of the witnesses in the video. “Some of them are disappearing,” says another. The “object” appeared as several large and small bright lights in an elongated formation.

Viewers provided some interesting possible explanations on YouTube. “Those orbs are all fallen angels,” said one commenter. “Nephilim,” proposed another. Many, on the other hand, are skeptical that the strange lights are anything out of the ordinary.

According to the Daily Star, skydivers might actually turn out to be the explanation for this one, as apparently a Red Bull skydiving group held an event at the same time as the sighting.

NBC Los Angeles covered a similar incident back in March, when the Red Bull Air Force performed a dive during the “third and final supermoon of 2019.” That event, however, looked more like a streaking meteor than a hovering bundle of lights.


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