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Can Ghosts Speak To Alexa?

Throughout the history of spirit communication, people have used a variety of unique tools and methods to contact the deceased. From automatic writing using planchettes, to mediums channeling the other side during late night seances, we’ve managed to develop quite the number of alleged ways to speak to the dead. The Ouija board, too, is …


Baby Monitor Ghost Encounters: A Look At Multiple Cases

A mattress label in Illinois led to a short-lived ghost scare this month after a mother noticed it on her baby monitor. You can’t blame her: In the dark and shadowy blue of the camera, the label, which featured the image of a laughing baby, appeared hauntingly transparent, as if there were a second ‘ghost’ …


NASA Shares New Martian Audio Courtesy InSight Lander

NASA recently shared audio recorded on Mars by their InSight lander. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the recording was taken on March 6, 2019, and features marsquakes, wind, the movement of the lander’s robotic arm, and “friction from parts inside the seismometer.” The above video walks you through the recording, highlighting each sound.