One Man’s Near Miss: Are Time Travelers Among Us?

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One Man's Near Miss: Are Time Travelers Among Us?

A very curious video has arrived out of Turkey showing a man nearly meeting his fate, only to be saved in the strangest way by a mysterious passerby.

According to Demirören News Agency, the event happened in late February in the Turkish city of Adana. Serdar Binici was standing outside of his store when another man, who happened to be walking by, tapped his left shoulder.

Binici, for reasons even he claims to not understand, instinctively looked over to his right, and in that moment a truck drove by, and its rear metal door swung open toward his head. Binici was able to move out of the way just in time, otherwise he would’ve been hit in a bad way.

After it was over, he could only stand there in stunned confusion.

The story was featured by news outlets in Turkey, and was eventually shared on Reddit.

During the accompanying interview, Binici questions how and why the events played out as they did. Why did he look over his opposite shoulder, and not the one he’d been tapped on? Why did the stranger tap his shoulder at all?

Binici supposes the stranger may not, himself,  know why any of this happened. Perhaps, he thinks, it was all some kind of divine intervention.

But perhaps there’s another explanation.

Perfect Timing

The peculiarity of this video has led many to speculate that the passing stranger wasn’t just some random person, but actually a time traveler — possibly one on a mission from the future, striving to put right what once went wrong.

How else, they wonder, would he have known the truck’s door was about to swing open like that, especially when it had only just turned the corner?

The only question that would remain is, why? What does the future of Serdar Binici hold that a traveler from the future would risk the obliteration of the entire space-time continuum to save him?

I suppose only time will tell.

Of course, it’s always possible the incident was nothing more than pure luck, some random happenstance.

Did the stranger know what was about to happen? Was time travel involved? Whatever the case, it’s an intriguing few seconds of footage, that much is sure.

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6 Replies to “One Man’s Near Miss: Are Time Travelers Among Us?”

  1. Interesting. Been watching 12 monkey tv series and this event sorta reminded me of it. Whats odd, is that he looked the other direction, even if he was deaf in one ear and simple touch would have made him look in that direction.

    1. Yeah, it looks like a tv show. Plus, it was a swinging gate… it didn’t look like it would do more than just smack him. He looked over that shoulder because there was no one in the direction he was facing. Someone behind you taps your shoulder, you look behind you. The time-traveler has excellent “timing” of his casual approach.

  2. i mean, if the man hadn’t tapped him on the shoulder, he would have kept walking; he wouldn’t have stopped and turned around, and would have been clear of the metal door anyway. even if that swinging thing had hit him, it likely wouldn’t have KILLED him. at the least, maybe it hits his back, forcefully pushes him forward a few feet and he gets the wind knocked out of him, at the worst, it whacks him on the head and the back (he was tall enough that it wouldn’t just hit his head, thus distributing force) and he gets a concussion

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