Haunted San Antonio Restaurant Reopens After Ghostly Encounter

The owner of San Antonio’s OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe temporarily closed shop earlier this month, after a spate of otherworldly goings-on. It’s now reopened, but with a strange new tale to tell.

The activity first began in the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 20. April Ward noticed the roped guard posts at the front of her cafe, which surround the cafe’s Walk of Stars, had fallen over. Worried that either an animal was wrecking her place or, worse, a vandal was breaking in at night, Ward and her husband turned to the building’s surveillance camera.

What they found shocked them, and later that day, Ward shared the surveillance footage on her Facebook page.

“Have anyone ever seen an actual Ghost . Here is what our video captured last night ,that look like a kid playing and knocking over the rope display. .I’m shocked it’s real . This is an actual clip from my video camera…”

A Paranormal Expert Uncovers the Ghostly Truth

The possibility that a supernatural evil was lurking about didn’t sit well with Ward, and on June 21 she temporarily closed the cafe. Then, she called upon the services of an anonymous paranormal expert, who set about recording potential electronic voice phenomena.

“Current situation…but I guess we know San Antonio is a big ghost town. It was a battle field, Alamo ,Mission and all above .. We are closed for a few days.”

The investigation raised even more questions.

According to mySanAntonio, the paranormal expert recorded both audio and video for the investigation, during which they asked the spirit to identify itself.

Allegedly, the spirit came forward: It was named Peter, and he was four years old. However, Peter was not alone, he said. He was present with five other spirits, “named Don, Tammy, Jesse, Amber, and Stephen.”

Strangely, Ward described the ghostly voices picked up in the recording as “like a walkie-talkie until someone talks into it.”

The paranormal expert then asked Peter to knock over the guard posts, as he had done before. The spirit complied, and according to mySanAntonio, Ward claims she “saw it happen.”

However, there was still the matter of Peter’s ghostly intentions. To figure this out, the expert gave the spirit one more simple request: If he didn’t want them in the cafe, throw something across the room. But the spirit refused, and nothing happened, proving in the expert’s eyes that this meant the spirits were peaceful.

The Cafe Reopens

Learning that the ghosts were friendly, the cafe staff felt much better about moving forward. On Monday, June 25, the cafe reopened, and Ward went all-in on the paranormal vibe.

“Oook, so we have the ok that to roll at the Hall Of Fame Cafe … we will definitely reopen and reinvite everyone out , tomorrow, Tuesday & Wednesday and in appreciation of you stopping in we are having 1.00 floats.”

“Leading Paranormal Experts have deemed our ghostly visitor to be friendly!” reads one of their new posters, which also advertises their “$1 Friendly Ghost Floats.”

So, I guess you could say things worked out for the OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe. A group of young ghosts found a place to hang out, and the cafe got themselves a nice hook for some spirited publicity. Now, it’s just a question of whether or not you believe the place is actually haunted. That’s up to you.

But is the story really over?

A few days ago, one YouTube commenter mentioned that he had been to the cafe just recently, and felt “some strong energy there…”


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.