Auction Begins for Haunted Painting in New Zealand

It’s titled Soul Bowl, and apparently “comes with its own shadow person.”

The acrylic painting with the words “The shape of my soul is a bowl” written on its sides recently went up for auction at the New Zealand website Trade Me, where its current owner is keen to pass it on to someone else. Anyone else. Really.

The owner claims to have found the curious painting at an antique shop in Pauanui, in the North Island of New Zealand. He or she doesn’t believe it’s outright cursed, unlike certain other objects, but definitely seems to think the painting is, well, a little off:

“…suspect it is haunted, not cursed but suspect something came into the house with it.”

Isn’t that just how it goes? You buy an old creepy painting at a strange antique store and suddenly the whole house goes mad with shadow people.

After hanging  the Soul Bowl on the wall, it reportedly fell off on its own. Later, and most bizarre, the owner witnessed the painting itself cast its own shadow in the figure of a person, something your ordinary acrylic artwork isn’t known to do. It is, as written in the description, “just too creepy to have.”

Hop over to the item’s Q&A and you’ll find a few more details. The owner thinks the painting may have been created by a local artist (though this can’t be confirmed), and despite not believing in ghosts, feels that something – some kind of paranormal entity – may be attached to it.

“…i’m sure destroying it or throwing it out may possibly cause more issues, id rather someone who was interested in the paranormal…work out and research what maybe going on.”

At the time of writing, there are 23 total bids, with the highest currently sitting at $103. Bidding ends in two days. Who will win this ghostly prize, and is it really haunted?

Update: The haunted Soul Bowl eventually sold for $150 AUD.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.