1 Comment It's a yellow robot dog

The Dog of the Future: Boston Dynamics’ Newest SpotMini

Meet the newest version of SpotMini, Boston Dynamics’ yellow four-legged robot that actually looks pretty sleek. It seems a lot more advanced than their older robots, something I could honestly see chasing me down in a post-apocalyptic robot future hellscape. Exciting and terrifying, just the way it should be.

2 Comments A supernova?

A Star Keeps Exploding, and Astronomers Don’t Know Why

Astronomers are trying to understand the odd behavior of a star that has seemingly gone supernova multiple times. As Phys.org reports, atronomers at the Palomar Transient Factory first detected the star, iPTF14hls, go supernova in September 2014. It was then classified as an exploding star the following January. Unexpectedly, however, the star then began to …

9 Comments A baseball stadium

2017 World Series Mystery – Is Time Travel Involved?

Grays Sports Almanac. That book tells the future. It tells the results of every major sports event until the end of the century – football, baseball, horse races, boxing. The information in there is worth millions. And maybe, just maybe, it actually exists. I don’t really follow sports, to be honest. I got this tip …