The universe is a strange place.

Scientists Wonder: Should the Universe Even Exist?

I don’t even know what to make of this one. It’s much better to read the press release for a full explanation. But, suffice it to say, scientists over at CERN have performed measurements once again confirming that protons and antiprotons share the same magnetic moment (or g-factor). At least, so far, it seems that …

A demon-infested house, perhaps?

10 Signs A Demon Is Haunting Your House

Ghosts might be one thing, but demons are something else entirely. A demon is a fallen angel. A supernatural and malevolent entity that exists in many religions around the world, under different names. In the Bible, they’re described as angels who were hurled down to Earth along with Satan, whose sole purpose now is to …

Ocean Waves

The Baltic Sea Anomaly: The Millennium Falcon of the Ocean

The Baltic Sea Anomaly is a mysterious object discovered by the Swedish diving team Ocean X during the summer of 2011. While out searching for a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea that year, the divers came upon a large, unidentifiable — and perhaps unnatural — object on their sonar. It rested about 300 feet (90m) …

Dinosaur fossils

Did Dinosaurs Once Exist On Mars? Weird Rocks and Other “Evidence”

Earlier this year, NASA published a study about Arsia Mons, a long-dead shield volcano on Mars. As it turned out, that volcano seemingly died right around the same time as the dinosaurs here on Earth. As they shared in their news release, “The last volcanic activity there ceased about 50 million years ago — around …

Stunning Funnel Cloud Captured Above Niigata Prefecture, Japan

It’s a bit haunting to watch: A thin funnel cloud slowly swirling back up into the heavens above Jōetsu City in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. As SoraNews24 reports, a resident captured the footage, and it was later shared on Twitter and YouTube by Weathernews, a weather information service based in Chiba Prefecture.