4 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings (With Videos!) from June 2017

Bigfoot. Noun. A large hairy creature who likes to stomp around the Pacific Northwest, and maybe a few other places. Mostly introverted, tries to stay hidden from human eyes.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop looking. Here are a few of the alleged Bigfoot sightings from June 2017 that…well, to be honest, we’re kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel this month. Have a look!

Saskatchewan Sasquatch

A group of “frightened campers” in Saskatchewan, Canada were disrupted by a curious Sasquatch while fishing in May. On June 18, YouTube channel Nv Tv shared the video, which was allegedly recovered from a smartphone found in the area.

What of the campers? Who’s to say?

“My cousin found this phone by the South Saskatchewan River a couple weeks ago and it had the video on it…The people on the video look like they were excited by what they seen before the end of the video…”

Many commenters, however, seem to find the video more than a little dubious.

Southern California Ape Escapades

A news report from early June covered the story of a possible chimpanzee – or at least something similar – moving between the trees near a hiking trail in La Crescenta, California. The witness, Jacob Gardiner, managed to capture footage of the beast, but it’s unclear exactly what it was or where it came from.

It’s possible that an exotic pet owner released the creature, which could be a chimpanzee. Or, perhaps,  it escaped and is now roaming free in southern California.

So, you know, watch out for that.

Bigfoot Enjoys Chasing Deer

Bigfoot Evidence shared the story of a law enforcement officer who witnessed a Bigfoot – or some similar creature – chasing a deer in the early morning hours one day last month. The case was investigated and documented on YouTube by Ohio Bigfoot hunter Time Stover.

Speaking of deer, while not exactly Bigfoot-related, here’s an odd video uploaded on June 22 of two deer having a slap fight in Tennessee. Let’s see Bigfoot try to take on these two.

Tall Toe Prints In Texas

On June 10, the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department in Texas posted some curious photos on their Facebook page of what appeared to be very large footprints.

According to the post, their Park Ranger surveillance had “captured strange footprints at various parks & trails in the area,” and they asked that anyone who came across any similarly strange phenomena contact them.

Unfortunately, as more stories came out, many began to wonder if it all wasn’t just a publicity stunt – in fact, it turned out to be a bit of marketing for their Expedition: Find Bigfoot family event a few days later.

Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.