2 Comments The Singularity, Coming to a Humanity Near You

Humanity Will Change Forever By 2029, Says Google’s Resident Futurist

Google’s chief of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, claims that artificial intelligence will irrevocably “change the nature of humanity itself” by the year 2029. How will we get there? Metro breaks it down for us, outlining the steps we can expect to take on our way to electronic doom. Right now, they say, we’re surrounded by what’s …

2 Comments Keanu Reeves hangs in the Tardis

Keanu Reeves Addresses Immortality Rumors

As we all know, Keanu Reeves is an immortal vampire masquerading as an ordinary human being. We’re on to him. It’s established. The deception that he’s anything other than an ageless, regenerating time lord is forfeit. We know the truth, now. And yet, he persists with the charade.

0 Comments Bigfoot Sightings June 2017

4 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings (With Videos!) from June 2017

Bigfoot. Noun. A large hairy creature who likes to stomp around the Pacific Northwest, and maybe a few other places. Mostly introverted, tries to stay hidden from human eyes. But that doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop looking. Here are a few of the alleged Bigfoot sightings from June 2017 that…well, to be honest, we’re kind …

0 Comments Disappearing Plane 727

The Disappearing Plane – A Case Of Time Travel, Or Something Else?

What strange anomalies of space and time could account for the brief disappearance of an entire commercial airliner? In the late 1960s, or perhaps the early 1970s, a bizarre situation is said to have occurred involving a (now defunct) National Airlines 727 during its approach to Miami International Airport. According to the tale, all was …