Thai Village Calls On Police to Help With Evil Ghost Haunting

You know, sometimes you encounter a ghost problem that just doesn’t seem to resolve easily. Take, for example, what’s currently happening over at a small village in Thailand, where, for several months, residents have found themselves “terrorized” by an evil spirit.

According to the Inquisitr, the village rests in Eastern Thailand’s Amnat Charoen Province, and has been the victim of a haunting by a ghost called “Phi Pob.” The largest “paranormal” occurrences blamed on the ghost include the death of four cows, as well as four police officers falling ill for unknown reasons.

Phi Pob, or possibly Phi-Pop (or even Phii Pob), as it’s called, is a ghost in Thai folklore that apparently enjoys eating human organs. Legends say the ghost can enter bodies and control them, and when it does manage to possess someone, that person may look forward to having their intestines eaten while they sleep.

From that angle, I suppose I can understand the fear.

Good news, though — after a call from village leaders, the Royal Thai Police Force have increased their presence in the area in hopes of managing the panic caused by Phi Pob.

This isn’t an uncommon situation in rural Thailand. Reports of cannibal ghosts seem to happen every year, and similar panics occurred in 2007, when four villagers inexplicably died (interesting how the number four keeps popping up here), and in 2012, when 10 men also died. Residents blamed both cases on the evil possessing spirit.


Rob Schwarz

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