6 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings from January and February 2017

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Bigfoot Sightings from January and February 2017

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of forests? The Bigfoot knows. Also, possibly Swamp Thing. Here are a handful of alleged sightings of the hairy cryptid from January and February, 2017.

While he may have eluded us for this long, Bigfoot can’t hide forever!

An Idaho Bigfoot?

I promise you this is a legit photo that shows up on therm as a mammal. Taken last week in Idaho.

Posted by James "Bobo" Fay – Finding Bigfoot on Monday, January 30, 2017


James “Bobo” Fay (of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfootshared the above image on his Facebook page on January 30. It was captured in Idaho sometime earlier that week, and shows a dark humanoid figure standing in the snow. It’s a bit blurry. Also, look for my upcoming post on whatever a Blobsquatch is.

White Bigfoot In Illinois

A man encountered a light-colored Bigfoot, which lumbered out in front of his car near Rice Lake in Illinois on January 10. According to his description, the Bigfoot was nearly 7-feet tall, with long creamy-white hair.

White Bigfoot sightings seem to be uncommon, or at least I thought so — here’s another potential sighting of a “ghostly” Bigfoot from January 2016.

Haunted Forest Creature

An alleged encounter with some creature – perhaps Bigfoot – occurred in the reportedly “haunted” forest of Country Antrim, Northern Ireland. The witness managed to capture a strange image of the beast, which you can check out right over here. In this case, the figure looks more like some kind of swamp creature.

That could just be due to camera blur or distortion — something many believe is actually caused by Bigfoot. On the other hand, it could also be a mixture of pareidolia and a tree stump.

Grandpa’s Old Bigfoot Photos

Bigfoot Evidence shared this strange video in February, made by a man who claims he discovered old photos of Bigfoot while looking through his late grandfather’s stuff. The photos are said to date back to 1965-1966, and show two blurred figures that may or may not be Bigfeet.

Trail Cam Cryptid in Minnesota

A still image from a trail cam allegedly shows off something – or someone, as the case may be — squatting down in a mountainous area in Minnesota. Most of the YouTube comments on this one aren’t having it, but I include it here for posterity.

Back in 2009, another trail cam in Minnesota snapped a pic of a “Sasquatch-like figure” stalking through the woods at night. Perhaps something is there, after all.

The Yeti’s Paw

And finally, to round out this very brief round up, last month a photo surfaced of an alleged “Yeti paw print” discovered in Manchester, England. It’s described as being very large and humanoid, but with long “razor sharp claws.”

Previous Bigfoot prints have also been found with claw marks, although this could easily indicate that the “footprints” belong to ordinary animals.

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  1. Can we get any blurrier or more distant video. I have several trail cameras and none take pictures as poor as the one provided by the website. Videos provided seem to be intentionally so distant you can’t really see any detail, when the video is zoomed in the images are even worse and look like a black blob. The trail cam showing something squatting down in a mountainous area in Minnesota is an obvious hoax, there are no mountains in MN. What we have on this web site seems to be either very poor photos, or hoax generated images.

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