Multiple Sightings Of “Ghost Plane” Reported Over Derbyshire

Multiple sightings of an alleged “ghost plane” have been reported in Derbyshire, England recently.

A number of curious residents have spotted an old World War II aircraft, a Douglas Dakota, flying very low before seemingly disappearing. Some witnesses have described it as not “quite right” — its engines perfectly silent as the plane glides through the air as if it were about to crash.

Apparently, this area is sometimes called Derbyshire’s Bermuda Triangle. According to an old BBC News article from 2002, they also refer to it as Dark Peak – it’s the location of over 50 plane crashes (including a Douglas Dakota in 1949), and a total of over 130 deaths. “The landscape,” they wrote, “is still peppered with the remains of wrecks.” Many of those crashes are still unexplained.

Now, there are multiple reports of apparitions. It’s a strange place.

Potential explanations include ordinary, albeit quiet, aircraft – the Derbyshire Times raises the possibility of gliders. But the eyewitness reports tell a somewhat stranger tale. We can only speculate.

Speaking of the RAF, perhaps what we have here is a not a ghost plane, but rather a disturbance in time and space. Sir Victor Goddard was all too familiar with such phenomena, when, according to legend, his plane temporarily traveled into the future back in 1935.

On the other hand, these could be residual hauntings, ghostly echoes of a plane crash that happened long ago.


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.