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MegaBots Releases Trailer, Updates On Upcoming Giant Robot Duel

Looks like we’ll be getting that giant robot battle after all. Despite a few delays, yesterday MegaBots revealed the above trailer for season one of their upcoming documentary series, which will follow them on their journey toward building the world’s largest sports combat robot. And preparing for a duel with Japan.

Speaking of the duel, in an earlier update Megabots shared their recent progress. It’s 100% going to happen, they said, but it’s currently delayed as they work out the necessary contracts. They’re also under a mutual NDA with their opponent, Suidobashi.

That still seems to be the case, according to yesterday’s update:

“Unfortunately, we don’t have updates for you regarding the duel itself. We’ll let you know the second all the contracts are signed and we can have an official press release. What we can say, though, is that it better be obvious what the final episode of this season ends up being.”

I’ve seen a bit of cynicism on social media regarding just how exciting a potential robot battle will be. We’re not going to see giant mechs performing ninja moves, jumping around with swords, or firing lasers. This won’t be Pacific Rim. This won’t be Liberty Prime’s first foray into spreading non-negotiable democracy. Not yet.

But this is a first step, and who knows what the future holds.

MegaBots’ first episode will premiere September 28, 2016 on their YouTube channel, so I guess we’ll see what happens.


Rob Schwarz

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