NASA Responds to UFO Cover-Up Allegations

Last week, UFO hunters claimed that NASA deliberately cut their International Space Station video stream to hide the existence of unidentified objects in Low Earth Orbit.

YouTuber Streetcap1, who has a history of tracking this sort of thing, shared the above video as proof of the alleged crime. An object appears on screen, drifting toward Earth’s atmosphere, before the stream cuts to an error message.

Why do these feeds cut out? Last year, we had a very similar conversation about ISS UFOs, including the case of two other unidentified objects that appeared on the live stream right before it went black. Is this a cover-up? Is NASA working with extraterrestrials? Is Planet Earth actually just an intergalactic reality TV show?

Speaking with CNET, NASA’s Daniel Huot assured everyone that these things don’t happen on purpose, as the cameras are controlled automatically. “The video is from our High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment aboard the ISS,” he said, “The experiment is on automatic controls to cycle through the various cameras.” The video cuts out when it’s out of range of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites.

It’s also possible — and I’m just throwing this out there — that some UFOs have communications-disrupting technology. I mean, they really should.

Well, in the realm of conspiracy, official explanations only get you so far. Nothing is as it seems. Pick up a tabloid and you may even find rumors of the recent deaths of multiple UFO researchers at the hands of the men in black.

// via CNET

Rob Schwarz

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    1. Ha. Yeah, I think I botched that explanation. No one’s monitoring the cameras with the explicit purpose of hiding UFOs (or so they say), but I’m sure someone’s watching them sometimes. They’re just controlled automatically.

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