Ghost Sighting Off Road In Arizona Desert

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This week, a Reddit user shared his haunting encounter with a possible entity in an Arizona desert.

Redditor fostersays was driving down a road with his sister and a group of friends, reportedly messing around (“drifting, kicking up dust”), when they reached a turn. His sister then noticed what she thought was a woman on the side of the road.

She coyly asked if anyone else had seen her. No one did. She described the woman as wearing a pink shirt and having blonde hair, which covered her face. She “looked dead.”

At that point, the group turned around to see if they could find the woman, but no one was there. They even got out of the car with flashlights to search the area, worried that someone was lost. Still, they found no one. They did, however, have one final thing they could check: The car’s dash cam footage.

It’s very low-resolution and captured at night, but fostersays is convinced a woman – or something – appears in the footage. From his description, she looks to be crossing the road, right before vanishing from existence.

In the video, starting at 0:26, you may be able to see the alleged figure. The poster’s sister says, at about 0:45, “It looked…like a woman.” There’s also an imgur gallery with the figure circled and outlined, as well as an animated frame-by-frame gif (mobile warning: 8mb file). A figure does seem to appear, but this could be a case of pareidolia.

According to fostersays, while they searched that area of the desert, they felt and heard things all around them. What did they see that night?

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2 Replies to “Ghost Sighting Off Road In Arizona Desert”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there really was a woman out there. You see some weird stuff in Arizona. I have stories for days.

  2. Saw a couple of hard-to-explain things in and around Presidio, TX a few years ago while working down there. Apparently, the location where one was sighted is believed to be haunted by some local residents. What I saw looked to be the size and shape of children, each time and at each location. Always after 10:00 pm.

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