What Are Spirit Guides?

A spirit guide is an otherworldly entity that assists a living person in strange and subtle ways. It’s said that each of us has at least one, assigned at the moment we’re born, who follows us throughout our lives. Sometimes, they come and go, helping us when needed, acting as a kind of supernatural support system.

To witches, they are familiar spirits, often appearing as animals that assist in the practice of magic. In Shamanism, they are referred to as totems, which may take the form of spirit beings (often animal guides) or objects. And to psychic mediums, they are known as controls, acting as a bridge to the beyond.

Are spirit guides real? I can’t tell you. That’s a journey you’ll have to take on your own.

Spirit Guide Communication

“Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they’re at. Rap on a table; it’s time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond…” – Madame Leota, Haunted Mansion

Contacting your personal spirit guide – or so it goes – primarily involves some form of meditation. Clearing your mind, removing disbelief and distraction, and simply calling out to your guide.

Its “voice” may take various abstract forms. You may hear it as your internal monologue, or feel it as intuition. But it will be something that clearly comes from outside yourself.

There are some precautions. Before attempting to deliberately reach out to your spirit guide, some suggest the use of a protection spell. It’s a common belief that any attempts at spirit communication, no matter how benign the intention, may open doors you’d rather remained closed.

The Voice In Your Head

Often, however, you won’t have to make deliberate contact – it will contact you.

In a Reddit thread posted about a year ago, several individuals shared their own experiences with spirit guides and their unique methods of communication. Most of these involved strange voices that seemed to exist without origin, while others were visions or dreams.

One person wrote that he’d been driving on a mountain road when he heard “a little voice” mention a deer ahead, so he slowed down as a precaution. A mile later, however, he actually did hit a deer that jumped out in front of his car. As unfortunate as this was, perhaps because he slowed down, that supernatural warning may have saved his life.

In another odd tale, a woman found herself sitting in the back of a car while “house hunting” with her mother. When she heard the question, “Would you like to live around here?” she happily replied that yes, she’d love to. But her mother looked back from the front seat in confusion, because she hadn’t said anything.

Two weeks later, they moved into that very neighborhood, “50 meters from the spot” where she’d heard that disembodied voice.


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