Video: Eerie Bug-Eating Plants

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Not every plant draws its nutrients from the earth. No, some have evolved into devious traps that feed off of insects, arthropods, and protozoans, as well as smaller animals.

It’s one thing to read about these carnivorous plants; it’s another to see them at work. Above, you’ll find an oddly compelling time-lapse video by filmmaker Chris Field that shows off their carnivorous nature.

Here’s a quick overview of the plants featured in the video:

Pitcher Plants

Image: Flickr/Richard W Sinyem via CC by 2.0
Image: Flickr/Richard W Sinyem via CC by 2.0

Pitcher Plants are your standard “fall into a hole, get stuck, and die” trap. Like a Sarlacc Pit. Insects that fall inside are unable to climb out, as the inside of the “pitcher” is far too slippery, and often filled with water.

Snap Traps

Image: Flickr/Selena N. B. H. via CC by 2.0
Image: Flickr/Selena N. B. H. via CC by 2.0

Snap traps, like the Venus Fly Trap, are a bit more monstrous. When an insect lands on the trap, it actually has a chance to leave. But there are tiny hairs on the plant that, when touched twice, trigger the trap to close and engulf the insect.

Flypaper Traps

Image: Flickr/Dirkus via CC by 2.0
Image: Flickr/Dirkus via CC by 2.0

Sundews and other flypaper trap plants are just as wicked. They have “mucilage glands” that stick out and snag insects, then bend and curl up to trap them.

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2 Replies to “Video: Eerie Bug-Eating Plants”

  1. Thanks dude!
    I love all your unique subject matter and it’s great to see the plant world give out a dose of the wacky. As I’m sure you know, flora stuff can be some of the strangest.
    For instance, the Kirlian photography and intent to harm experiments. Super awesome!

    1. I actually spent some of the past week looking into topics I haven’t had a chance to write about, yet. Auras are definitely on the list.

      Thanks for reading, by the way. I really appreciate it!

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