4 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings (With Videos!) from February 2016

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When it comes to Bigfoot sightings, some months are better than others. In February, a number of new reports and videos popped up, claiming to provide evidence that the legendary ape-like creature is very much alive and real. Here are a few of the ones I found interesting enough to share.

As always, I’ll leave you to decide whether you believe they’re true evidence or nothing but hoaxes.

A Baby Bigfoot Sighting

This video, uploaded by Nv Tv on February 19, 2016, claims to show a “baby bigfoot” in an unknown area of the United States. According to the uploader:

“Please note this was a sent in video to me. This is from 2012 however it does seem legit how this boy captures a baby Bigfoot in his backyard after some strange noises and activity he heard over couple of days!!”

If you’d like to read about another miniature Bigfoot sighting, here’s one that happened back in 2009.

Sounds of Bigfoot in Oregon?

Does this video contain evidence of Bigfoot screams? Captured in Oregon, some particularly strange sounds can be heard among the usual forest denizens, but some aren’t convinced the video hasn’t been altered.

A Sasquatch “Tree Structure” In Utah

On February 21, 2016, YouTube channel Utah Sasquatch uploaded the above video, showcasing what they believe may be a structure in the woods created by a resident Bigfoot.

“Explain to me how this could have happened,” says in the man in the video, “That actually didn’t grow there.” He points to a tree and laughs. “I’ve come to find out, that didn’t grow there. There’s not a stump there. It’s actually just laying in the dirt.”

Payson Canyon, Utah

Speaking of Utah, we’ll end with this sighting, which many have deemed an outright hoax.

Captured in the forests of Payson Canyon in Utah, this footage is claimed to have been taken during the spring of 2015, but didn’t surface until February 15, 2016. According to The Daily Mail, “It is claimed that the video maker was [too] nervous and embarrassed to show anyone for fear of being looked upon as crazy.”

In the video, a dark humanoid figure, which may very well be a man in a gorilla suit, lurks between the trees.

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Another report from February 2016 includes this photograph taken by a couple in Northern Colorado. I’d also like to give a shoutout to Bigfoot Evidence, where I first saw some of these sightings. For more, check out my previous Bigfoot sighting posts for January 2015 and September 2015.

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  1. I think the boy’s backyard one, looks like a real creature, what kind, IDK, but I thought I saw three of them all together, not spread out. Did anyone else? The screams one, sounded like a warning bark pretty close to him. I have that pareidolia thing going on, and can see bigfoot faces and standing upright all over the place…Blob squatchitis is flaring up!

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