4 Signs Your Pet Has Seen A Ghost

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A dog looks outside, wondering -- did it see a ghost?

Can pets see ghosts? Dogs, cats, rabbits? Turtles?

It’s an interesting question, and while it remains unclear whether or not ghosts actually exist, many people do believe that animals’ exceptional senses allow them to see anomalous activity that we humans cannot. There are even some alleged “signs” that our pets can, in fact, see ghosts.

Here, we’ll examine four of them.

Can Dogs And Cats See Ghosts? A Quick Word On Animal Senses

It’s well known that dogs have much better senses than humans.

According to Animal Planet, a dog’s eyes “detect more delicate movements; his sense of smell is 1,000 to 10,000 times more sensitive than a human’s. He can hear much higher frequencies, and at four times the distance of a human with normal hearing.” This, some claim, could mean that dogs and other animals also sense the paranormal, and are often more accepting of it.

Their keen senses mean that animals may also have the ability to predict earthquakes, a belief that, as National Geographic reports, dates back centuries. In records from the year 373 BC, historians noted that many animals, “including rats, snakes and weasels” fled the Greek city of Helice prior to a devastating earthquake. This is a phenomenon that continues to be observed to this day, though it is still not fully understood.

Of course, there’s a big difference between earthquakes and ghosts. However, this simply goes to underline the fact that animals, including dogs and cats, may sense many things that we are not able to.

Which brings us to our first sign that your pet has seen a ghost…

1. Looking through the air with eyes following something invisible

In December 2011, YouTube user Zack Clark decided to record footage of his dog, Zoey, who had been “exhibiting strange behavior.”

This included focusing intently on a certain area of the apartment, and seeming to follow an invisible force with her eyes. At the end of the following video, Zoey even seems to look up and stare at the alleged ghost. Whatever is happening here, it’s clear Zoey can see (or sense) more than her owner.

2. Barking, growling, or hissing when nothing is there

As seen in the above video, this dog not only follows that invisible something, but also barks and growls at it. This could, of course, be due to a variety of reasons — perhaps there are mice in the walls, or there’s a sound present that’s inaudible to humans (possibly infrasound). It could even just be a reaction to the shadows on the walls.

But there’s another possibility: Could this be a sign that a ghost was present at that moment?

3. Ignoring You

I’ve read (I don’t remember where) that cats are more indifferent to spirits than other animals. Or maybe it was that cats are just more indifferent in general.

The following video may beg to differ:

The third sign that your pet has seen a ghost is simple: acting distractedly. Ignoring you, its attention split by a (potentially) invisible force in the room.

4. Fear of the Unknown

A Dog Sees A Ghost
Image: Patrick Carr/Unsplash

Reddit user Lillibeth shared a story two years ago that exemplifies our final sign that your pet has seen a ghost: fear. She had recently moved into an old house with her grandparents. The place was about 100 years old and, in her words, “creepy.”

One night, she and her dog, Lola, were about to go to bed. But Lola began to act strangely. She jumped up and went to the bed’s edge, as if to look over. Her eyes then began to follow something in the air, something invisible.

“I would call her name and she wouldn’t move,” Lillibeth wrote. She turned on the light to see if perhaps Lola was being pestered by a fly or a mouse, but she saw nothing. Then, as if in fear, Lola curled up against Lillibeth, occasionally glancing over the edge of the bed throughout the night.

Was Lola afraid of something her owner could not see?

These are questions I suppose we can’t answer. We can’t speak to our pets and know what they’re thinking. What are their eyes following when we see nothing there? Why are they barking or growling, why are they afraid?

Has your pet ever acted strangely? Do you believe it was a ghost?

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33 Replies to “4 Signs Your Pet Has Seen A Ghost”

  1. I have found that Dogs are like people, some have greater abilities at seeing and hearing the spiritual realm, either that or some just choose to ignore it. My dog “Ace” can clearly see and hear the spirits and clearly lets me know by his gestures and actions during an Investigation which he goes to most with me.
    As for cats, I believe all see them very well and the more aggressive (mean) spirits hate this and just assume hurt them.

  2. Oh my gosh my cats constantly act like this! My house is really old and I actually frequently hear random creaks – even when I’m home alone and the cats are all in my room. When stuff like this happens, they all become super alert and just stare intently at the door. Sometimes they’ll start twitching and they’ll jump back.

  3. A few days ago, my cat was staring at the ceiling, and appeared to be tracking something as it moved. I looked where she was looking several times, but didn’t see anything. Oddly enough, she was doing this while I was preparing food, and she normally will always sit and beg for food, but whatever it was she was staring at distracted her. Sure enough, a minute later, I saw a small, white orb quickly dart through the air in front of me. Definitely wasn’t a bug, as it’s currently winter where I live and I haven’t seen any bugs around in awhile.

    1. My cat was looking at me weird and then my family and I all saw this white ghost cat run out the front door it disappeared in the Moonlight I’ve always seen weird things so do my kids but this was just weird we were all looking each other like did you see that

  4. Oh yes my cats have followed invisible objects before and I know it when I see it. It is my belief we are surrounded on earth by ghosts or things from other dimensions that we cannot see. yes we can see some from other dimensions just as we can see ghosts sometimes. We are only 3D so we mostly are in a fairly desolate visual range however we do have people who are blessed and can see spirits and the dead. Also many children are able to see them too until adults train them to stop seeing them.

  5. My dog is very protective of me. Will bite easily or will not let me take a certain path if it believes I’m in the least bit of danger. Well a little while ago(about 3:15am) he woke me up and was telling me had to go out. Well as we were going downstairs together he stopped us in the middle of the stairs and was visibly following something with his gaze as his eyes were darting around very alert. The last stop his eyes made were right next to me and he was visibly upset went in front of me and forced me back up the stairs. We waited a while my roommate woke up, I told her about it, we all went together. I let him out and he really had to go. So whatever it was scared him enough or his or my safety that is was worth holding a crap in that he woke me up to take

  6. my cat is constantly starring around my house but she never growls or anything, iv lost alot of people that were extremely close to me in the past ten years from girlfreinds that died by natrual causes to family members that want to say hello. i know im not crazy because i have picked up the energy of a ghost before on an emf in one spot in my house but i have yet to pick up the spot agian. also i watched a portrait that has remained dormant and stable for 2 to 3 years turn on its side and fall over. afterwords i caught a little movement coming in closer but it stopped right beside my laptop which was where i was working. by no means should that portrait have fallen down. the whole time i never felt i was in danger but more as just a heads up im visting in a non threatning way. someday il get a physic to give me a reading of myself and my place (living with mother fulltime student currently) im curouis what exzactly she would find. if you would like to know more please message me on facebook

  7. My mother died Dec 19 2015. She had been sick with als and I was taking care of her at her home and I had my cats their with me. The last two days of her life she was only in the hospital bed in her home. My cat Frank stayed by her. On Dec 19, I called my sister and Aunt and said I didn’t think she would make it till the next day. All of us were gathered around the bed and Frank was sitting on the end table next to her bed. She was struggling to breathe and I gave her some morphine and she passed within a minute or so. My cat started smelling the air then looked up slowly as if he was watching her leave her body. He then started smelling her and staring up at the ceiling. I am sure Frank saw my mom’s soul leave her body. Since my mom has passed Frank will not leave my side. He follows me everywhere and lays on me, always with his head laying on a part of my body. He constantly meows and keeps his eyes on me. He is a totally different cat. i love my cats and miss my mother who I know is an angel and also a guardian angel as she died on my nieces 10th birthday at 7.19pm.

  8. Last March on the 5th Anniversary of my husband’s passing. My 3 girls and I went to bed. As I got comfy my Petunia who usually sleeps by my head, jumped off the pillow and started packing growling at something in the bathroom. My​ other girls were in the middle of the bed. I sat up and looked in the direction of the bathroom and didn’t see anything. When I tried to calm her down she wouldn’t stop growling. This went on for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Before she laid down for sleep.

  9. My dog was normal and letting me pet her and all of the sudden she pulled her head away and ran from my kitchen past the door and to the living room and she slid like she was dying. I freaked out because from my past dogs and cats Ive never seen this. She ran into the living room and I ran straight to her to see if she was okay and she shoved her head into my arm and made me pet her. I instantly started research on if dogs can see ghosts and my sources say yes. I believe in ghosts personally but I never imagined my Doberman being scared of one.

  10. Yes. Today I was sat at our kitchen table when a bag of bread fell off of the counter top soon after I picked it up and went back to my seat and then I noticed my pug,willow,came in the room.It was like she was running to see if I was ok and then she started barking across from where the bread had fell off of the counter but this has not been the first time it’s happened my other dog had recently passed away and since she’s been gone willow would sometimes bark into thin air and its really creepy for me since I’m 11 and all but now I think I know what it is and I don’t have to worry.

  11. My husband lost his father this pass march. He lived with us for 3 years. We got cremated and his urn with his ashes are on top of the refrigerator and our cat Felix loves to lay up there a lot. I like to know if my father in law is around

  12. I’m cat sitting for a friend with the cat staying at my house. Just now the cat was sitting on the end of the bed by my feet. Suddenly he got up turned around, look over at the blank space next to me, made a guttural noise, jumped off the bed, and went under it to hide. I was trying to figure out what just happened. Suddenly I realized, could he have seen my cat that passed away 1.5 years ago? It was also in this room and on this bed that I had the vet come to send my kitty to the Rainbow Bridge. Very strange.

  13. I lived next door to a funeral home. About midnight one night my niece ran to me to come look out the window. There were 3 white cats in a triangle form. The point at the door of the funeral home. They stood in position for over an our channeling from what i can see. They were there in position so long i went to bed. Well the next day I asked the funeral director if he just received some new bodies. Im psychic and what I saw told me the cats were collecting spirits from deceased in the funeral home.

    The funeral director told me yes he had just got two new bodies. Well the next week, i saw a white cat walking to the funeral home when i was leaving. Asked the director the next day again, yes he had a new body. Two weeks later another white cat and another new dead body. SO ..as i have always known to be true….cats collect dead spirits. My whole life being psychic, i wont even look at cats.

    1. I definitely agree and have always believed in some sort of paranormal sightings I also believe my cats and now dog do definitely sense something just do not know how to be able to communicate with it

      1. This is what i need to know. My dog Junior has been experiencing very disturbing behavior of staring in the area of my front door, a closet is beside the front door. Its been about 4 months now usually between 230-330 am. He hardly sleeps, he stares intently by the front door, his eyes follow ” something” around, whats devastating is he breaks into a horrible anxiety attack, hard to get him to focus. Fast forward, i smudged my hole home to rid any negative energy…the very next night was a nightmare..he was at the worst ive seen him yet. He was growling. Shaking, trying to hide..but i feel like hes drifting away from me, he adores me as i do him, but hes not even looking at me when i talk to him. There are a ton of things to add to this….im looking for help….junior is 1 of 4 rescues, all were abused, neglected…horribly. They are my world. This only affects my Junior….if anyone would please help me, ive done everything imaginable, my poor guy has trachael collapse which you can only imagine when his anxiety attacks come on, how hard it is for my baby to breathe….if someone out there with great knowledge of this sort of thing, someone whose love for animals is as deep as mine would please help me…i plead with you to please help my Junior….my email is lopesk74@yahoo.com
        This is not any type of joke, please be considerate, and know im this desperate to put my email out to everyone, its worth it to me to find help for this beautiful, once bouncy, happy, loves everyone…baby…to see if someone will with rhe Grace of God..please help…Thank you, Junior and Mom

  14. This one time, my dog came running down to the basement as if the devil was after him. He began looking at a corner of the ceiling, and growling. He also looked into my basement office, where he always hung out, and even after I turned on the light, he refused to go in there. It was rather frightening to see my normally happy-go-lucky, but protective dog acting like this.

  15. I don’t know about this don’t know whats true or not but my cat scares me sometimes its like as if she is staring behind me when she looks at me

  16. I have my 5 cats and my German Shepherd and for many several months 1 cat in particular has been bugged by something in the corner of my bedroom always that same place ? and just last night for almost 2 hours he and 1 or 2 others of my cats along with my dog kept on about it so I taped it on my phone but when I played it back 2-3 times there was this light gray & white object that bounced around the screen near them then after awhile not one of them would come back into the room the rest of the night?

    1. My cat see things to I feel sorry for them because I know they’re only seeing it because of me my kids inherit the same curse probably because of me tonight we saw something unexplainable again it was a white cat ran out the front door my cat before that was looking at me weird kind of squinting

  17. my poodle who was very close to my mother in law has been shaking and acting scared periodically, she she died at home. she could be fine one minute then starts shaking and hiding in the bathroom, under the table or even in our bedroom. it’s so pathedic and we dont know what to do. Any ideas?

  18. in this video of Zoey, that i have watched several time’s, she isn’t looking at either shadow’s of those chairs i see on that wall, she’s looking right in between.

  19. Omg, a minutes ago my cat went to the roof then i heard him hiss at something (the roof is next to my window where he’s at) so i looked at him if sees the other cat that he hates but i see nothing.But until now he’s still there at the roof,looking at something and he didn’t move like he’s scared.So i searching for this i already knew it he sees something i didn’t see creeepy

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