Idaho State University Creates 3D-Printed Bigfoot Skeleton

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Definitive evidence of Sasquatch – that skulking bipedal ape-like creature of the Pacific Northwest – continues to elude us. But one scientist at Idaho State University, Jeffrey Meldrum, recently set out to create something tangible from the alleged footage, photographs, and footprints of Bigfoot that researchers have collected over the years: a 3D-printed skeleton.

According to ISU’s The Bengal, Meldrum works at the university’s Anthropolgy Department, and has dedicated much of his life to proving the existence of the mysterious cryptid. He believes he found Bigfoot tracks in Walla Walla, Washington in 1996, and also has several footprint casts – over 250 – at his lab.

To create a 3D printing of a hypothetical Bigfoot skeleton, Meldrum looked at skeletons that were similar to descriptions of Bigfoot — those of Neanderthals and the primate Paranthropis boisei, in particular. He worked with the Idaho Virtualization Lab at the Idaho Museum of Natural History to provide the scans to be used for printing.

They also scanned Meldrum’s footprint casts, and from those extrapolated the likely proportions of such a beast – making Bigfoot, if those were indeed his footprints, “about eight and a half feet tall.”

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